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Cause of my headache: migraine + tension headache.

I clenched my teeth in my sleep and tensed up so much that the entire left side of my face was painful.

I was worrying so much about the pain that I made it WORSE.

(Parents were unhelpful. Telling me to stop worrying is great IN THEORY... At least they got that I was honestly struggling with this.)

So Counselor did meditation work with me and it was really amazing. I can make my mind go quiet. I learned to just let thoughts pass by. Note them and let them move on. After that thre wasn't any thought except about my breathing and the quiet space in me.

I thought about water and about just kind of drifting down like some amazing merYukie to the bottom where the bioluminescent things do their best star impressions.

I didn't know how long I was meditative until he told me. 20 freakin' minutes.

And now I am almost pain-free for the first time in DAYS and it's such a fucking relief. I can identify my pain without freaking the fuck out.

There's residual ache but I can identify and handle it.

I just needed to remember that i -do- know my body and that I'm better at relaxing than I think I am.

Also apparently I'm a projective emotional type. XD; I know that Counselor is observant but he says that as soon as I walked in he knew I was stressed out of my gourd. So - yeah. XD; I am a LEETLE BEACON.


Man. It is SUCH a bloody relief. I feel so much better it's not funny.
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Not only Harper, but DION apologises (a few days ago) on behalf of Canada for the disgustofuck travesty of the residential schools.

Now, I am impressed. For old rich white men in government to show concern for people who aren't more old rich white men is a rare-ass thing indeed. But here's Steven Harper saying 'we fucked up, it was shameful, we are sorry' and DION, Mr. Footmouth, whose total lack of party support negates the possibility of this being an attempt at a thunder steal - Dion stands up and says, 'know what - the liberals have been dumbfucks about this, we haven't said anything in all the years we were in power, that fails and we are sorry.'

I did an ass dance around my little workroom. Thankfully no one saw this!

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