Aug. 19th, 2007 06:25 pm
yukie1013: (BLARGH)
Unless you are

a) My doctor,
b) A member of my family,
c) My fiancé, or
d) A VERY trusted friend,

You have no business trying to DICTATE what medical treatments, foods, activities, drinks, religions or any-other-damn-thing I should or should not be having, or should nor should not be involved with.

Got it?

I am not a child. I am not -your- child. I am not -yours-. I dare say I know more about my own body than ever you will about your own.

So back off, you wannabe dictator-benefactors. You're pretty much all misinformed idiots anyhow.

Offering advice or suggestions is fine. I'm grateful for such. Suggestions are fine!

Getting all butt-hurt when I do not adhere to your words as gospel? No. You're not my doctor, my mother, my future husband or my anything. Get out of my life k thx bye :D

Jeen yuss

Jul. 17th, 2007 11:59 pm
yukie1013: (EXCELLENT CRACK)
Being one of the gifto kids who done grown up (physically at least) and having ADHD at the same time means that, on occasion, I come up with these brilliant and novel ways to pwn myself.

Like just now.

I went to brush my teeth and we've two kinds of toothpaste in the cabinet: sensitive teeth care (yep) and enamel care (ooh, can't hurt).

So I mixed 'em. Why not? Toothpaste is toothpaste and it's not as if it's got TNT and gunpowder in it. Or sodium and water. Or nanites. Or your mom.

It made kind of a pretty colour combo. Aquafresh-pink-and-green with Arm-and-hammer royal blue.

So I admired it then went 'oh yeah. die plaque!' and jammed the brush in my mouth and scrubbed like a mofo and told the watching cat I had rabies and was amused.

And then...

...Yeah, that - it wasn't a STUPID idea? But it was a special one. No, my tongue did not explode but - wow.

I mean. Wow.

The menthol. THE MENTHOL!


Every time I breathe in, a thin coating of frost forms over my tonsils. XD


I should do this again.


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