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BEFORE I START: yes, I know this has a lot of extrapolation in it, but this is Megaman X so extrapolation is kinda necessary.

SO! I know Word of Inafune has it that Zero is--well--patient zero for the lolwtgomgdairyqueenbbq virus, and Sigma was the first it got passed on to, but it seems to have had an interesting incubation period. Most computer viruses hit hard, hit fast, and smoke your junk before you can say PEBKAC, but what jumped from Zero to Sigma seems to behave more like something biological.

Computer and biological viruses both whack when the system's defenses are down; the maverick/irregular/Zero-gots-cooties virus is data in essence but it behaves like biology as you would expect because repl(ir)oids==replicant androids et cetera and I'm sorta rambling here so I'll try to get to my point--

The virus seems to lie dormant in Sigma for a while. This isn't unusual when it comes to shit like the flu. It'll chunk around doing nothing until conditions are right--like the host being tired out or weakened. Can reploids have that happen? Yes, probably. We know they can get physically damaged, and while the getting-punched-by-Vile kind of damage is a no-brainer, what about fatigue?

Specifically, what about mental and emotional fatigue?

This puts the same strain on OUR systems as does physical fatigue because the mind/body dichotomy is fucking bunkum. Fear, joy, sadness, anger--all of these emotive states have an impact on our body. Thus it would be the case with reploids.

So in essence, my theory's that the virus was dormant until Sigma got won out, and then it clobbered him, and he did his damnedest to pretend nothing was wrong until that was no longer possible. Which should sound familiar to some people!

It's not anvilled but it IS implied that humans are kind of asshatty in how reploids are treated (the ever-badass Red McDracoensis Canadensis pointed this out not too long ago so I have to give her mad props for her superskills and give her credit for my expanding on this idea at all). This isn't too surprising, since--look how we treat EACH OTHER. There's a massive lack of mental health resources available to the average person, and the lack of these resources is NOTORIOUSLY EPIC when it comes to the military and EMS (fire/ambulance/cops). And with the reploids--well, look at Iris and Colonel and how come they even exist.

This isn't painting a pretty picture about what active duty might have been like for ol' Sigma.

My guess is that Sigma got sent out on mission after mission after mission after mission without much downtime (because, said the humies, he's a reploid--better faster stronger et cetera, he shouldn't NEED downtime), and thus he ended up coping with toxic levels of stress without much support, ultimately developed PTSD, and all the while the virus is sort of nibbling away and he knows something's wrong but keeps a lid on it because wat happens when he becomes useless and obsolete--and then when he was completely blue-screening it clotheslined him hardcore.

(I have a similar theory about why Sephiroth went so far around the bend so fast. Legendary soldiers shouldn't neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed mental heath resources et cetera let's just keep ignoring his prescribed leave and send him out over and over again barf barf barf, fuk u prez shinra. I hope Hojo used up all your profits on frivolous crap.)

And Sigma's able to pass the virus on because he reaches out to people who are as worn down and beaten up as him, and--yeah. I've seen people make OFFENSIVE AND INACCURATE AND NONSENSICAL ANALOGIES with this but I will not address this beyond "those people need to be eaten by eternal murdercrickets". Sigma believes he is freeing his kin. In a way, he is. It's hard for me to see him as a straight-up bad guy at this point. Why yes, he IS a rampaging asshat, but in his eyes he's doing everything necessary to save his kin from ending up facedown in the dumpster, and he's not entirely wrong in thinking so. Hell, look what happens to Repliforce, and yeah I know Sigma was trollfasing all up in there but come on now...how hard did he actually have to try? How much or how little does it take to get some poor schmuck branded maverick? I can see EASILY how life for reploids could get McCarthylicious every which way but loose, and do so at great speed.

Yeah. Sigma's a doucheyacht. But I can't say he's totally in the wrong inexcusable rebel without a clue no excuse for zomg zomg zomg, because WOW humans are assholes, and they probably had a massive hand in making him what he is. (And I'm not just talking Dr. Wily here.)

tl;dr i like sympathetic villains, even occasionally badly translated ones. XD


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