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okay seriously


if you are trying to depict addiction recovery of any kind, you need to look into what 'dry-drunk syndrome' entails. (no, that is not a pejorative term, and anyone who uses it thus is doin it rong. it's a descriptor. bear with me, i'll splain.)

also you need to not present this kind of behaviour as virtuous/good/ideal/healthy.

it's not.

it's not good for the person in recovery and it's not good for their loved ones.

cessation of the actual substance abuse is only the beginning of things, okay?

the behaviours described as dry-drunk syndrome are a sign that someone is not doing the mental homework necessary to recovery. they've stopped drinking alcohol/taking drugs, but they haven't done anything ELSE, whether out of thinking quitting is enough or out of not knowing WTF to do or something else...either way, they've stalled.

so sometimes they act like sanctimonious judgemental holier-than-thou douches, and sometimes they throw huge pity parties that last ages, and sometimes they're snarly and dickish as hell, and sometimes they get into these THOSE WERE THE DAYS~~~~ nostalgia fits that drive everyone around them up a wall tl;dr it's disordered behaviour, it's not healthy, it's not good, it's not a sign of strength of character--and conversely it's not a sign that they are innate magnum douches who fail at life. it's a sign that somebody in recovery has gotten stuck in a rut and is spinning their wheels and needs a boost.

i've heard people say that someone in recovery basically goes through the stages of grief, and from what i've seen--yeah, they do. someone engaging in the disordered behaviours and thinking that get called dry-drunk syndrome are stuck in a rut in some phase or another preceding acceptance.

again, this kind of behaviour doesn't mean someone is a bad person, or a failbox, it just means they're in a rut and prone to driving people around them nuts lol and in need of support/counseling--and it should absolutely not be upheld as ideal or virtuous or healthy, because that's enabling bullshit and i will elbow drop the BALLS off of anybody who proclaims that this behaviour is good for people. kthxbai.

if you're gonna depict addiction recovery do your homework or i will bite your knees off.

this rant brought to you by stupid sheltered ignorant people's depictions of addiction recovery, esp. dealing with WoW characters of various sorts. :P
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This rant dedicated to a FoaF who tried to tell me that there was a such thing as a benevolent form of colonialism.

Sorry, FoaF, there isn't.

It really doesn't matter how you paint it; colonialist behaviour is shitty.

It doesn't matter if one side is ~being civil~ about it; colonialist behaviour is shitty.

It doesn't matter if the other side's being raging assholes and the first looks much better by comparison; colonialist behaviour is shitty.

There is no such thing as benevolent colonialism. Now, I'm real sorry to be poppin' your bubb--who am I kidding, no I'm not. I like popping this particular bubble, because it's one that's had a direct impact on people I care dearly for.

There's no such thing as benevolent colonialism. Any mindset that supposes you have a right to go in and declare someone else's backyard your own because you said it was and you have a big-ass ego? Is a problem.

it only gets more tactless from here, folks. )


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