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Nov. 14th, 2012 09:39 pm
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why did you have to give me another race of nifty, gender-ambiguous, ancient, snarky, cantankerous arthropod people to squee about.

(though, your writer should've totally had them call the PC 'biped'... XD)

Now I wanna write Anub'arak and some of the Klaxxi having a big philosophical debate. :B

ETA: LORE SPOILARS in DW comments, proceed at own risk.
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You are probably pretty damn Canadian if:

-You are writing AU!not-so-damn-stupid!Garrosh Hellscream explaining just WTF he was doing with the Evel Knievel dirigible shit...

...And you write him as saying he was "trying to deke that damn dragon out, keep it away from the rest of the zeppelins" and then realize that you've written an Orc explaining that he was trying to deke something out and that you didn't even think twice about using "deke" even though Orcs probably don't say "deke" and chances are a bunch of your readers won't know WTF that word even means anyway. lawl.

In conclusion, nonstupid punkass Garrosh is fun to write because he does things like almost Leeroy a zeppelin into a mountain in effort to deke a dragon out so it doesn't eat the rest of his troops. And hey if the Alliance sees him being a a raging badass deke-master or their airship pwns the dragon too, so much the better.

Also I've had too much caffeine.

ETA: Uh wow lol maybe I should explain the Canuck-ese--'deke' is abbreviated from 'decoy', and it's hockeyslang. XD Deke (out) = feinting, faking someone out.
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Even though it's a pain in the nuts to run around if you're used to riding. XD

Even though I've done it a few times.

Even though Dar'Khan has a stupid name. XD

Even though it makes me even more irritable with some of the more egregious Wrath and Cataclysm writing and the lack of effort involved in a bunch of it, Cata especially (there are exceptions, but for the most part--jesus you fucking slackoffs).

Even though some of it ties into the totally idiotic Kael Derail.

Even though the class-quest NPCs make me sad now because they have no purpose.

Even though they put a pointless fucking character into it now (Veresa does fuck-nothing; I want IT's version of her in the game, not this suddenly xenophobic little dry-drunk one-dimensional gary stu's prize douchesse who sounds like the sobbing brat neck beards snuffling and fapping about eewwwhhhnnn blood elves).

Even though the scenery and some of the bits and bobs and incidental objects make me wish there was MORE OF IT.

I love Ghostlands. It's gorgeous as hell, GOTHTASTIC, is full of solid lore (look at the names of the Forsaken--THEY WERE ELVES), has the pendant quest in it, has Forsaken-brand ridiculous humour ("ew, guys; fresh air *deadpan fase*"), has amazing NPC conversations, has enemies that are ACTUALLY SCARY AT-LEVEL (GODDAMMIT DAR'KHAN KEEP YOUR ABOMS ON A LEASH THEY KEEP STEPPING ON ME), has a nifty, somewhat tricky end-boss, and - you know what I'm glad it wasn't touched. While the plot timewarping is amusing, I don't want Blizzard's current quest team to fuck with it, because they'll fuck it up. They're stupid XD


Yeah. I love Ghostlands to bits. It has my favourite antags ever in it (the Scourge scares the hell out of me and I fully plan to ramble about WHY soon), it has Blood Elves and Forsaken being snarky, it's lore-licious, and it's pretty.

There need to be more zones like it. Northrend is full of the same kind of squee to me. XD

(Yeah I have a thing for Arthas leave me alone. XD He breaks the fourth wall all the time and that kicks butt.)

I know it's bad to not be forward-looking--parts of MoP look gorgeous. But the dev team's rosy-spec nostalgia-boner for WC1 is offputting as hell, so as ever I'll shrug and do what I want to do and make up my own story as I go.

I was an X-Phile, I am a champ at that. XD
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TITLE: HELLSCREAM'S LAMENT 1: Bloodthirsty Dustwallow Marsh
PEOPLE: Garrosh, and the advisors he's being sarcastic at.
PAIRING: None, really.
WARNINGS: AU sorta-sarcasmo-Garrosh whose voice is kind of different from canon, because when I tried to suss out his voice from quests and stuff, THIS NONSENSE was the result... He also has some common sense. Mostly because Saurfang scared it into him.
NOTES: First-person semi-monologue orc shenanigans.

Presenting: Yukie's version of Garrosh, ranting about why he's never going to try for Theramore because Dustwallow Marsh wants to destroy his face like a Castlevania Bird.

There will probably be a series of these because I find this inexplicably hilarious and letting Garrosh kvetch about things is fun.

Takes place in a continuity based upon the AU what my girlfriend started. XD

Minor SPOILARS for the circumstances of the Theramore business in MoP.

the hellscream kid is quite loud )
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Got the idea from 'eere as I was randomly reading; it made me go *SPROINK* on account of because storyhounding dorkery is what I do.


Of course, if I had enough clout to get one or more of my roadshow of doofii into the game it'd be a much different game, so I'm going to completely power-skank all over the place here too and break the gameplot harr harrr and shift everything and make weird crack possible! (A bunch of this is inspired by my girlfriend's fabulous AU work. She is awesome.)

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So I'm CERTAIN I'm not the only ne who got the feeling Orbaz Bloodbane has it for Thassarian (and can you blame him) and is jealous as balls of Koltira...

He may or may not also have a Thing about elf guys and be deeply wedged in the closet because wweh annoying human-booster even in death wweh.

(That's how he keeps acting when I write him anyway. Even when I'm not trying to do that.)

Either way he is a twank.
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So last night I finished up the 'Tirion's Gambit' questline as well as the LOL ADMIRAL WESTWIND one. XD; I like Wrath stuff, I dunno. It feels a lot more rounded out than a lot of Cata things to me, quest-wise. I know it did dumb stuff to raiding, but the questing was nice.

Spolars for Wrath within, particularly the two questlines I mentioned above. I know I'm way out of the spoiler buffer zone and into territory roughly around 'Aerith dies at the end of Disk One', but hey. Also, CHRONIC CASUAL SWEARING. XD

Of Trolling Undead Kings and Booty-Rockin' Dreadlords )
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(NOTE: if you've seen these on WoWHead--yes, that was me! I know it's somewhat wimpy of me to have posted under a masculine alias--and under the in-universe IM handle of an old RP character, even, the nerdherding WRAPS AROUND TWICE--but a lot of things seem like a good idea after a couple bottles of hard cider and very little sleep. Egad, narf, poit and so on.)

So sometimes, I get bored.

Sometimes I get bored and there's a headless pyromaniac like *HAPEN* all over WoW with rhyming couplets.

And then poetry is like *HAPEN*. Because it has to.

Then sometimes I get an anthology manga that has that headless pyromaniac's backstory in it.

And then more poetry--yeah you get the picture.

(Warning: there are spoilers for the Horseman's backstory in here!)


So without further ado, I present:


And a bonus NEVER BEFORE SEEN because you bore with me! How the Risen view their 'boss' is pure conjecture on my part, and probably pees on the altar of canon...but seeing as they are all completely off their heads, they don't ACT any differently than their living counterparts, and they still call themselves the Scarlet Crusade...yeah, I'm thinking they're a TAD delusional. If they know who he really is, they're not letting on to ME, so I'm assuming they're really in denial. :B

But anyway, on with the nonsense, and I apologize for any exploding of canon...

... )
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(As background: head-canonically, Ishandarr (my DK) was one of Keleseth's guards and aides back when Arthas was still kneading his brain pre-Light's-Hope. This is basically like herding cats.)

So tonight was like this--

Me: *decides to try to solo Utgarde Keep*

Utgarde: *is set to Heroic!*

Me: *has forgotten this* *and glyphs*

RNG: *loves to pants me*

Ishandarr: *wanders into Utgarde Keep and wtfPWNz everything*

Keleseth: *wanders around deep in thought, oblivious to the fact that Ishan is IN HIS BASE and IS KILLIN HIS MANS until Ishan is like an inch from him*

Ishan: Hi. *clunks Kel on the head*


RNG: *steals my drawers*

Me: dafuq?

Kel: :D! *spams* *frost tomb* *A MILLION AND TWIDDLEDY-SEVEN* *TIMES*

Ishan: @_o dafuq? *K.O.'d*

Kel: :3 So--because I won I get to keep him, right? ♥

Ishan: OW. Okay, spamming ice magic on the guy who is going to be wearing bed socks forever on account of because his toes rival Icecrown for stupid levels of cold? Is complete freaking bollocks. Also, no. Also, OW.

Kel: Come and help me find Navarius's copy of Thinking With Portals; he's all cross because he thinks I lost it.

Me: That was demented.

Ishan: That was a masterpiece of understatement.

Plotbunnies: * flourish!*

Me: ...Balls.
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They are enormous, prim, articulate, intellectual Ancient-Egypt-y spiders and that rocks.

So this made me really happy to see. XD

I like that people remember that Anub'arak wasn't a sellout. (I'm guessing it's epic spider pride /\8/\ that makes the living Nerubians figure he is; after all, nothing could possibly outwit or outclobber Anub so he must've thrown in his lot with the bodiless oaf, right? Most improper!) And that the Nerubians are not exactly willing fandoobies like the Cult of the Damned. Nerubians are arachnid Vulcans. XD

Blizzard seems to forget this, but they've forgotten a lot of stuff when it's convenient or Metzen hit the beer bong too hardthey got lazy or they forgot and didn't bother to look things up or w/e. Which...that's going the right way to futz your way into a corner plotwise. Diamond-shattering side-eye goes here.

ANYHOW back to the Nerubians...I wish we'd seen more of them in WoW, and we had gotten to go to Azjol-Nerub. We may well in the future if they move its zone map somewhere that isn't under Northrend lol--portal it like Quel'Thalas maybe. There are still old gods kicking about after all. I DUNNO MAN LOL WISHFUL THINKING.

self-indulgent AU yammering XD )
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So I've been listening to the Blue Plz podcast archives whilst I work (it helps me focus) and hit on an earlier episode in which TotalBiscuit interviewed Oxhorn (he of ROFLMAO fame); they mentioned a machinima called "Birth of the Forsaken" in which the music used was Verbum Caro Factum Est, and I immediately pounced on Youtube once I got home.

I am probably the only person ever who had not seen this yet. Lolol.

Yeah, it's old--it predates Sylvanas's blue high-elven-looking model and the stupidfestival with the way she's handled by writers; she's still got the Night Elf one here. Varimathras's old low-poly model makes an appearance here too. It's a very simple video. Not many fancy SFX at all, if there are any. But it works. The MOOD in this thing, WOW. The atmosphere. It's really, really evocative. The procession reminded me of the 'Ave Maria' sequence from Fantasia (though they really do not look much alike at all, snerk--this is how my mind works).

I don't know--something about this vid just hit me right between the eyes and smackbang in the heart simultaneously. Some of it is that I'm a sucker for choral music. Some of it is that I really like Sylvanas (though heaven save me from her stanning doofus fans, eesh) and this machinima made my brain hop back to comparing her to Jeanne d'Arc. (I have sane reasons for this comparison! It's not OMG EXACTLY TEH SAEM but rather who she is to her people and what she did for them.) Some of it is that I love Tirisfal and think it's beautiful, and I feel the same about Undercity. IT IS A BUNCH OF THINGS!

And now I keep imagining a Forsaken-and-DK choir singing Verbum Caro and that mental image refuses to go away even though it's very silly. The idea of Thassarian singing tenor is just glorious. Nathanos, of course, is baritone. (So's Ishandarr lol OCs. XD)
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Crimson Hall music! It has a sax in that sounds rather "Akio Car"-theme-esque.

A thing I wish the WotLK expansion had done is touch on the Blood Elves' legitimate beef with Arthas. And, y'know, explained why he seems to have thins Thing about elves....

The Crimson hall, and the Blood Princes' and Lana'thel's story, intrigue the hell out of me because they give me so much potential to PLAY WITH. I mean--for one, Lana is not avenging a boyfriend. That's something. Thalorien was not her lover or her husband, he was her best friend. It's unusual to see that in a franchise that seems to have narfed out a lot with gender role business. And not only is this the case, Lana manages to hold her own against wtfhax!Arthas for a while before he AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs and wins.

I really, really wish more of this story had been touched on in depth. Like--we know roughly who Valanar and Co. are with regard to their rank before death, and what happened to them, but little else. I would have LOVED to have seen something of their story, or Taldaram's, or AAAANY of the elfpires'. Who were Kal and Val before death? Why are they so close (the 'dear brother' thing--)? Who is Taldaram and why is he entrusted with such a big deal project? We know Kel and Val are asskickers if we have a DK and met them in the starter zone, but Tal is just kinda there. Who is he besides a dramatic pyro who has a habit of teleporting wayfuck across the room for the purpose of nomming boosted lowbies? AND! WTF happened to Atherann and Theraldis? SO much of the stuff dealing with the San'layn is SO intriguing. And the whole idea of the San'layn themselves beggars the question of what the heck is with Arthas's preoccupation with the Blood Elves seriously he has got an entire wing that is basically a harem there is something going on here you cannot tell me there is not.

There's a lot of things I wish had happened. For a big one, I wish we'd seen Garrosh get genuinely scared of LK, [ETA: if Nerz shows his hand and goes "OHAI" XD;;;] because, fuck, Ner'zhul is THE boogeyman after Gul'dan. He broke Draenor. He's become the opposite of everything orcs pride themselves on being. He has no honour. He doesn't sleep. I would have frigging LOVED to see Garrosh's loudmouthed bravado depicted as covering up his own fear and trying to convince himself that he is a bad enough dude to rescue the presidentkick the Lich King's ass. BUT--yeah. Characterization was one thing Wrath needed some huge help with.

I wish too that we'd seen evidence of the relationship that the Arthas novel introduced, i.e. Arthas and Varian being OMGBFF and having more chemistry than any of the canon pairings because Christie Golden hit up the Blizzard beer bong too many times. I mean, there's some stuff going on that you can easily parse as deliberate trollan--how the plague of the zombie invasion was spread, for example, and again with the plagued grain at Farshire. Like that's such a "HAY VARIAN THIS REMIND YOU OF ANYTHING?" But then Varian hasn't gotten much in characterization full-stop outside the comics, let alone consistent thoughtful characterization, so NARF NARF POIT EGAD LOOKS LIKE AH GOTTA RITE THIS MAHSELF.

...And now I'm stuck with the mental image of( my version of) Varian hearing about the Crimson Halls, kind of BLINKING A LOT FOR A WHILE and then going, "...Why...does that bastard have a harem full of--of--elfpires!?"

And Jaina's all "Long story."

In conclusion Aethas is so freakin' Kael and no one can dissuade me from this.
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I know I've ranted about this in short form in the past but I've finally got a full post's worth of material about it now!

Hokay, so. MIND TALENTS! They've been around in literature and stuff since way, way before Spock made his debut on the scene. My first encounter with them in fiction that I can remember was - okay. In books, it was Monica Hughes's The Dream Catcher and then again in Madeleine L'Engle's A Wind in the Door. On TV, it was that old 1990s X-Men cartoon (hey shut up, it was fun XD) and Counselor Deanna Troi. It's The Dream Catcher that's really the inspiration for how I write societies of people with mental talents; I wasn't really a Trekkie although I have a tone of friends who are. I don't doubt there's some Vulcan influence in my work too - but I digress.

The point of this post was not navel-gazing, it was how to write or RP mental talents in a way that doesn't annoy the bejesus out of people.

This is all my opinion, of course, and I know my way isn't the only way, but the examples I'm about to give are largely in the category of 'this is how NOT to do it well'. Discussion's more than awesome but pls refrain from talking to me as if I were a mentally defunct jumping bean XD

Of course every universe has its own rules; the examples I've given are from my own games and writing and from stuff I've seen myself. These deal with characters who have control over their gifts for the most part.

ETA: It occurs to me that I totally left out any stuff about n00bs. A n00b psychic is prolly going to get an eyeful of brain by accident OFTEN and end up flailing around because they would rather not have seen that dude thinking about that thing that time. This can ALSO be RPed or written annoyingly (along the "OH TEH MELODRAMAZ AND TEH WANGST AND TEH SORROEZ, and so on" lines of things) but for the most part I've dealt with developed psychics, so it's them I'm rambling about mostly. I'll likely deal with n00b psychics at a later date. This is principally about psychics who can control their stuff.

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