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So I'm almost done my Sypha costume for AN 2010 and I am PROUD of my damn fool ass.

This is the first time ever I have:
-Sewn a sleeve
-Hemmed a sleeve
-Made a hood
-Put trim on something

This thing is actually a lot less INVOLVED than the apron that was my first project XD But yeah. it's coming along and I bet I have it done this weekend XD All I gotta do really once I'm done the hood is HEM THIS THING (because god it's long and Burda patterns were apparently ON CRACK and forgot to include the 'cut fabric here to adjust length for shortasses' lines on their printing) and then make the sash.

I admit to taking liberties with this thing because I based it solely off her CV3 sprite and because I was going for comfort above all else (I overheat SO EASILY) but you know what, mine is cooler than the Justasplanned design OH YES I WENT THERE.

Also hilarious: the fact that I am, uh, on the small side means the wig I bought is - it would have been above shoulder length if I wasn't a shortass. but I am, so it's a little PAST shoulder length, which is perfect for my needs. XD

IT'S COMIN' ALONG, YO! I don't doubt people'll be able to figure out who teh fcuk I'm supposed to be either. Blue hooded robe + wooden staff = Vania fans will get it.

I'm all proud and shit! :D

Go me and my mad, mad skillz0rz or something.


Yeah I'm gonna be more than ready. XD

I am so looking forward to this.


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