yukie1013: (lateranus)
yukie1013 ([personal profile] yukie1013) wrote2013-04-21 08:28 pm

No, really, guys.

Dear entirely-too-serious-about-this-shit squabbling babbies on various fora,

Pandaria doesn't belong to the Alliance. Pandaria doesn't belong to the Horde.

It belongs to the Pandaren and the rest of the native population.

To claim it belongs to either the Red Team or Blue Team--that is, us stupidass dirtbags who basically came and started a drunken brawl on the porch and started to wreck the joint and oh, I dunno, WOKE UP AN ANCIENT EVIL THAT EATS SOULS with our endless bullshit--is disrespectful, gross, and ties into way too many all-too-real and all-too-present ideas about actual IRL colonialism.

Yes, this is a game, the races are fictional, wah wah wah waaaahhhhh--but use your brains, hmmm? You're basically saying DUHH HURR HURR HURR THIS COUNTRY DOESN'T ACTUALLY BELONG TO THE NATIVE POPULATION when you run your mouths as above. Which is gross.

So stop it before I feed you to a kunchong. :D

Oh, and knock off your dragging of IRL homophobia and racism and other hateful bullshittiness into your damn forum-fights. If I have to hear one more of you brats sling a slur that's a BARELY-ALTERED version of an IRL one, or drag the IRL cultures that a fictional race is based on into the fight, or be misogynist and homophobic and gross about either group of elves or whatever?

I'm feeding you to MORE THAN ONE KUNCHONG.

And then I'm feeding your whiny-ass pointless dumbass souls to Yshaarj.

Stop bringing your ugliness and ignorance into everything, dammit, I play this game to get away from stinky babbies like you.

And stop whining when you're told to slag off. Talk shit, get hit.

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