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(I wrote these last night on tumblr in a fit of blargh and am reproducing 'em here because why not XD Also I am kind of ridiculously proud of the Plotty Illidan Smiley that appears within the rant, to wit-- }:D)

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Nov. 27th, 2012 08:55 am
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so toronto's dumbfuck mayor broke the law

got his ass kicked out of office

got bailed on by his right-hand dumbass

and he's crying and crying and crying about how it's ~*~~*~**a commie media conspiracy against him**~~~*~, and so is his idiot brother

they are basically the entitled old rich pasty fuck posterboys.

and as much as it fucking annoys me that they think they have the right to do whatever the fuck they want because they are middle aged and rich and white?

i will just enjoy the schadenfreude and feast on their tears and cackle at their impotent whining. they're basically disgusting people and seeing them get their fucking asses kicked makes my frigid little lich queen heart go pitter-pat, it does. :D

p.s. anyone who wants to complain about how mean i'm being, i regret to inform you that i don't care that much. i have zero sympathy for racist assholes who get hammered in public and tell women to get assaulted and who cry about immigrants at the drop of a hat at the most inappropriate times and who threaten their spouses with assault and death when they're in the middle of a drunken tantrum. i have some sympathy inasmuch as issues with alcohol suck, but. let's not make excuses for shit and try to handwave it all? that'd be called enabling and it does shitpots more harm than good.


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