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So I have to update my OS because Blizzard isn't supporting 10.6 for much longer.

...And yet...where are the updated models gfdi? If I have to faff around with OSX Varian's Up In Redridge (read: mountain lion :B) then you better at l;east give me some high-polygon lovin'.

As for the writing: ahahahahahAHAHAhaaha XD I continue to ignore the shit out of the story (some aspects of it have jumped from 'merely annoying' to 'this is hitting shitty buttons', especially with regard to characterization and the portrayal of relationships, but I can't really get into that otherwise I'll start ranting...) and just make up my own plot in my head. I do love Lor'themar's voice though (He's BALTHIER :D :D :D), and while I dislike the fucking "plot" such as it is, I like that he's getting some love.

Now if only the Draenei got some love too. :x christ, CDev.

I haven't done any of the Isle of the Thunderdrome stuff beyond talking to Lor yet, because Proudmoore is a high-pop server and thus the place is jammed. Thus, I am farming!

Speaking of: I love how that resolved. I was TERRIFIED that being able to own that farm would turn into colonialism r us, but it doesn't and I'm so happy.
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So if you've played through or read up on the revamped Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance dungeon quests, you'll know that Lilian has something to do with both. The events of the Scholo one made me blink a lot.

I'll spoiler-cut just in case, and also declare that I do not take this as part of my own AU brain-canon. AU Lilian has joined the Forsaken (who are not generically evil FFS) and is sort of unofficially apprenticed to Nathanos and Koltira, who consider her one of the precious few sensible people they've met.

Anyhow. Spoiler cut now!

Ellipsis goes here! )
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I am always intensely envious of people who make those dramatic kinds of **~*~**~~I'mma putting away childish things*~*~**~~~ speeches.

It means they actually got a chance to BE relatively regular kids.

Some of us? Didn't.

So beggin' these folks' pardon if I seem kid-esque, I have been required to strictly monitor my health every blessed day since I was quite small (among other shit) and compared to others I know I had it easy.

If a little Secret of Mana squee gets the speechers all upsetticakes with me--well, they can just go make sweet sweet love to the Lime Slime. XP

Excuse me. I have a jabberwocky to punch.

this post brought to you by the letters F and U, and the number 1, as in NO1CURR. jesus biscuit-munching christ, douche-I-am-bitching-about, my discussion of enjoying an SNES game is not your cue to lecture me about how much more mature you are than me and how I use gaming as a crutch.
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Oh god tenth anniversary of the release of FFVII whaaaaaattttt. *choke.* *gurgle* *falldownstairs'ndie*

But - srriously it's like everyone all of a sudden dropped fifty IQ points while my back was turned. Snipe, flame, anonymous-coward, butthurt, stupid prejudiced sexist classist fucktardianistic - gah.



fall makes me bitchy.


Aug. 19th, 2007 06:25 pm
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Unless you are

a) My doctor,
b) A member of my family,
c) My fiancé, or
d) A VERY trusted friend,

You have no business trying to DICTATE what medical treatments, foods, activities, drinks, religions or any-other-damn-thing I should or should not be having, or should nor should not be involved with.

Got it?

I am not a child. I am not -your- child. I am not -yours-. I dare say I know more about my own body than ever you will about your own.

So back off, you wannabe dictator-benefactors. You're pretty much all misinformed idiots anyhow.

Offering advice or suggestions is fine. I'm grateful for such. Suggestions are fine!

Getting all butt-hurt when I do not adhere to your words as gospel? No. You're not my doctor, my mother, my future husband or my anything. Get out of my life k thx bye :D

durp hurp

Aug. 3rd, 2007 07:56 am
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Went through my gallery and delorted a couple Riku-and-Ansem pics in case LJ gets its boxers in a wad over 'em. Even though, uh, I only draw older!Riku. Like when he's eighteen.

But yeah. Ass covering, GO. I'd rather not get my ass whacked for an imaginary TOS violating. :B

Chew mah willie, your Honour.

'Clever' commentary about my (im)maturity, my apparent paranoia, my alleged ephebophilia (fuck off) or whatever-goddamn-well-else bullying flaws like to wave around about me as of late are not welcome, incidentally. ♥ If you want to discuss something with me, that's great. I like discussion!

I like it when people discuss things with me as though I am a fellow adult and capable of higher reasoning.

I will not, however, tolerate passive-aggressive swipes, eeja-weeja-woo talk (I'm not a toddler) and attacks on my personal character, mental state, or maturity. FAIL. Maybe I was a doormat mocktarget geek in the past, but you know what? I'm not anyone's little victim anymore. I gave up on that shit when I hit seventeen. Shoulda' got at me ten years ago if you wanted a free voodoo doll, buttrash particles. XD I may still have the marks, but that don't mean I'm still your free target.

I do not suffer bullies. They are, without exception, failures at life.


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