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Talking about the books I've read, now! I've not read all of them, yet, but I'm going to try to for posterity's sake if nothing else. (I may, however, avoid some of them, because emotional abuse and ableist bullshittery about addiction are two of my huge "shove-a-runeblade-up-your-nose-o-gram!" buttons.)

The books I've read all of:
-The Last Guardian
-Lord of the Clans
-Of Blood and Honor
-Arthas: Rise of the Lich King

The books I've read a little of:
-Beyond the Dark Portal
-Cycle of Hatred

All of these have timeliningLOLOLOLOL to some extent, though some have it worse than others (Metzen, what is this even). Some authors are better at keeping internal consistency, others are really not. Of all the books, I liked The Last Guardian most. This is sort of kind of damning with faint praise because none of the books are especially AWESOMESAUCE per se, but out of all of them, it was the most technically solid.

So I'll give a short rundown of my thoughts on all these and try to keep it concise (LOL). XD

SPOILERS needless to say.

...and struck him upon the dangling participle. )

SO YEAH that's my stupid reviews of things! Whee! I may come back later an expand on some of this or I may just keep faffing around growing carrots in Pandaria. XD
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So I *cough*procured*cough* some digital copies of various tie-in novels and comics and et cetera and so forth on night during a fit of insomnia and boredom. Haven't managed to read much of Knaak's malarkey beyond a few sentences (the cadence of his writing is just irritating as almighty fuck to me, like every sentence is like "s/he was an adjective, adjective noun" and it reminds me of this goofy song my sister and I sang as kids: "oh in the dark, dark woods you find a dark, dark house and in the dark, dark house you find a dark, dark room" etc. and it ends with finding a ghost in a dark, dark box, but my sister tended to put the box with the ghost inside of fifteen or so MORE prior dark, dark boxes--or as many dark, dark boxes as she could get away with before my dad flipped out and demanded we knock it off) but I did manage to read some of it!

HERE I SHALL YAMMER ABOUT THE THINGS I READ! This isn't really a review asmuch as a bunch of impressions and random piles of bollocks. I'll cover the manga/manhwa and comics in this entry; books come next.

Needless to say ZOMG SPOILERS

words, pictures, and funky text formatting! )

I'll be gettin' into the actual novels in my next post.
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So the stupidness what is canon right now has inspired me to actually try to explain this guy, as by now they're so radically different as to make people wonder what I'm on probably! WHEE!

Oh well. I have fun writing him and he actually makes sense. (Also, he has not shaved his head and tattooed his lower jaw. And his head is not too small for his body. And he doesn't wear the stupid HORNS OMFG what is that even. He does however have a big ass Warsong Clan mark tat on his back now.)

Anyway, I'mma start off here by discussing his Many Issues because they govern a lot of his life for along time (he gets better) and they're what cause the most problems for him. They fall into three rough categories:

1) issues dealing with himself
2) issues dealing with culture
3) issues about his dad

So I'mma go through all of these. This, again, is AU!Garrosh, so if something seems WTFz0rs it's probably not canon. Mwah hah. Also, I am NOT making excuses for the stupid things he does (which are not the same stupid things as canon, but are still stupid). I'm trying to explain why he thought he should do 'em. XD

this is an LJ cut that isn't wearing pitlord horns )
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You are probably pretty damn Canadian if:

-You are writing AU!not-so-damn-stupid!Garrosh Hellscream explaining just WTF he was doing with the Evel Knievel dirigible shit...

...And you write him as saying he was "trying to deke that damn dragon out, keep it away from the rest of the zeppelins" and then realize that you've written an Orc explaining that he was trying to deke something out and that you didn't even think twice about using "deke" even though Orcs probably don't say "deke" and chances are a bunch of your readers won't know WTF that word even means anyway. lawl.

In conclusion, nonstupid punkass Garrosh is fun to write because he does things like almost Leeroy a zeppelin into a mountain in effort to deke a dragon out so it doesn't eat the rest of his troops. And hey if the Alliance sees him being a a raging badass deke-master or their airship pwns the dragon too, so much the better.

Also I've had too much caffeine.

ETA: Uh wow lol maybe I should explain the Canuck-ese--'deke' is abbreviated from 'decoy', and it's hockeyslang. XD Deke (out) = feinting, faking someone out.
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This is going to start out tongue-in-cheek and become more serious. I make fun of annoying douchebro "rhetoric" and closet-case dumbassery beyond this point as well as digging my elbow into the side of the sexist and homophobic antilogic such people employ.

For what it's worth, I really do like the pairing I'm on about up in here. XD And I do wish that the related in-game flipout inquestion had led to some actual character development instead of stupid plot hamfisting.

Oh well, what are you gonna do?

(In my case; write more m/m fic, because Blizzard handed this pairing to me on a platter. You can't stop the flamin' rainbows, guys. Fabulosity will reign no matter how hard you try to avoid it. XD)

Now, on with the BLUH BLUH. XD Note that I AU the hell out of Varian in my own writing because canon pisses me off, but I am discussing circa-Wrath canon Varian here.

Warning for discussion of emotional/verbal abuse within, in the context of 'this is what happened when I tried to repress things because people demanded that I do that'.

Also contains a Gurren Lagann ep7 spoiler. XD;

omg dudez in love with dudez! in WoW! LE GASP )
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If you like Kael and Illidan and Vashj, and think the bum deal they got in BC should fall down a hole with angry qiraji and a sham-wow?

You really need to read her fic.

Because Heart of the Phoenix, it is really damn good. ♥

If you've been keeping up with it/know of it already and want the latest epicness, it's here; if you want to read from the beginning, get thee hence to AO3!

This fic makes my imagination run away with me hardcore XD

Kyl's writing kicks righteous and copious amounts of buttock.
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So I cleaned this up instead of being made of daft in others' comment sections anymore XD

Azshara you look rather stable here this must be from before Xavius oh-so-geniusly opened his portal to nowhere and Sargeras et your brains.

She is very purple yes.

(It's photoshop over pencil crayon; there was an ungodly smudge on her nose for no reason I can discern, so I messed with it XD; )
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Even though it's a pain in the nuts to run around if you're used to riding. XD

Even though I've done it a few times.

Even though Dar'Khan has a stupid name. XD

Even though it makes me even more irritable with some of the more egregious Wrath and Cataclysm writing and the lack of effort involved in a bunch of it, Cata especially (there are exceptions, but for the most part--jesus you fucking slackoffs).

Even though some of it ties into the totally idiotic Kael Derail.

Even though the class-quest NPCs make me sad now because they have no purpose.

Even though they put a pointless fucking character into it now (Veresa does fuck-nothing; I want IT's version of her in the game, not this suddenly xenophobic little dry-drunk one-dimensional gary stu's prize douchesse who sounds like the sobbing brat neck beards snuffling and fapping about eewwwhhhnnn blood elves).

Even though the scenery and some of the bits and bobs and incidental objects make me wish there was MORE OF IT.

I love Ghostlands. It's gorgeous as hell, GOTHTASTIC, is full of solid lore (look at the names of the Forsaken--THEY WERE ELVES), has the pendant quest in it, has Forsaken-brand ridiculous humour ("ew, guys; fresh air *deadpan fase*"), has amazing NPC conversations, has enemies that are ACTUALLY SCARY AT-LEVEL (GODDAMMIT DAR'KHAN KEEP YOUR ABOMS ON A LEASH THEY KEEP STEPPING ON ME), has a nifty, somewhat tricky end-boss, and - you know what I'm glad it wasn't touched. While the plot timewarping is amusing, I don't want Blizzard's current quest team to fuck with it, because they'll fuck it up. They're stupid XD


Yeah. I love Ghostlands to bits. It has my favourite antags ever in it (the Scourge scares the hell out of me and I fully plan to ramble about WHY soon), it has Blood Elves and Forsaken being snarky, it's lore-licious, and it's pretty.

There need to be more zones like it. Northrend is full of the same kind of squee to me. XD

(Yeah I have a thing for Arthas leave me alone. XD He breaks the fourth wall all the time and that kicks butt.)

I know it's bad to not be forward-looking--parts of MoP look gorgeous. But the dev team's rosy-spec nostalgia-boner for WC1 is offputting as hell, so as ever I'll shrug and do what I want to do and make up my own story as I go.

I was an X-Phile, I am a champ at that. XD
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TITLE: HELLSCREAM'S LAMENT 1: Bloodthirsty Dustwallow Marsh
PEOPLE: Garrosh, and the advisors he's being sarcastic at.
PAIRING: None, really.
WARNINGS: AU sorta-sarcasmo-Garrosh whose voice is kind of different from canon, because when I tried to suss out his voice from quests and stuff, THIS NONSENSE was the result... He also has some common sense. Mostly because Saurfang scared it into him.
NOTES: First-person semi-monologue orc shenanigans.

Presenting: Yukie's version of Garrosh, ranting about why he's never going to try for Theramore because Dustwallow Marsh wants to destroy his face like a Castlevania Bird.

There will probably be a series of these because I find this inexplicably hilarious and letting Garrosh kvetch about things is fun.

Takes place in a continuity based upon the AU what my girlfriend started. XD

Minor SPOILARS for the circumstances of the Theramore business in MoP.

the hellscream kid is quite loud )
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Got the idea from 'eere as I was randomly reading; it made me go *SPROINK* on account of because storyhounding dorkery is what I do.


Of course, if I had enough clout to get one or more of my roadshow of doofii into the game it'd be a much different game, so I'm going to completely power-skank all over the place here too and break the gameplot harr harrr and shift everything and make weird crack possible! (A bunch of this is inspired by my girlfriend's fabulous AU work. She is awesome.)

stuff beyond this point is very silly indeed )
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So I'm CERTAIN I'm not the only ne who got the feeling Orbaz Bloodbane has it for Thassarian (and can you blame him) and is jealous as balls of Koltira...

He may or may not also have a Thing about elf guys and be deeply wedged in the closet because wweh annoying human-booster even in death wweh.

(That's how he keeps acting when I write him anyway. Even when I'm not trying to do that.)

Either way he is a twank.
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Ohh. Emm. Eff. Gee.

I know beta is beta and all this is subject to change.


Thus far?

I can have Remorseless Winter


I will get Soul Reaper



yes, i really like teh lich king ;p
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When I first saw these guys, I immediately thought "Okay that's weird but not totally unheard-of."

Reason is, my sister used to own a Green iguana. Ralphie, like all iguanas, had a parietal eye on the top of her head, between her actual eyes and back a scootch. it looked like a slightly different scale. While in most critters with a parietal eye it's just photoreceptive, in Tuataras it's more developed. Quoth wikipedia: "It has its own lens, cornea, retina with rod-like structures, and degenerated nerve connection to the brain, suggesting it evolved from a real eye."

Maybe Azeroth's basilisks have a third eye much like a Tuatara or Iguana (on whom it's fairly hard to see unless you know what you're looking for), and in the Outland critters it's still an actual eye? While it's not in the same place on their heads, there may be a crazy WoW biology reason for that. Whether it's 'Azerothian basilisks have a parietal eye that evolved form an actual eye' or 'Outland basilisks are Azerothian critters whose parietal eye evolved back into a third eye because WOOO TWISTING NETHER' or what, I can't really say!

Either way, a lizard with three eyes isn't impossible. WE HAVE SOME HERE XD it's just not an eyeball-eye as such.

Also, it's interesting to note that dragons, proto-drakes and basilisks are all six-limbed (yes, protos have six limbs, their foremost ones are just ittybitty)...and that Proto-drakes use their wings as an extra set of walky-legs/balancin' arms when they're on the ground. And they still have the 'lisk underbite (and so do Dragons though it's less pronounced). So you can see where the Titans went *pokity pokity*.

IT'S REALLY COOL XD I like when IRL biology and game biology make sense in relation to one another.

(I fully blame OMFG.FM podcast archives for getting me to think of this, specifically the Abstract Polygon segments of Council of Six. Someday I will figure out how to thank Strixus for being the second person to let me know I'm not alone in going gosh-wow nerdity over little details. My awesome girlfriend is the first one who did, and she is the most instrumental in encouraging me to do this nerdery; we have long discussions about Azerothian cuisine and B'elf desserts, so. XD)
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So last night I finished up the 'Tirion's Gambit' questline as well as the LOL ADMIRAL WESTWIND one. XD; I like Wrath stuff, I dunno. It feels a lot more rounded out than a lot of Cata things to me, quest-wise. I know it did dumb stuff to raiding, but the questing was nice.

Spolars for Wrath within, particularly the two questlines I mentioned above. I know I'm way out of the spoiler buffer zone and into territory roughly around 'Aerith dies at the end of Disk One', but hey. Also, CHRONIC CASUAL SWEARING. XD

Of Trolling Undead Kings and Booty-Rockin' Dreadlords )
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...And this happens:

Me: ... ... ...Ishandarr, you're one of five kids, how did that happen o.O
Ishan: My parents married young, we're all pretty spaced out--
Acamarr: *enter the DK's maternal grandpa* And there are a lot of druids on your mother's side of the family.


Also, three "epic quests" happened last night!

spoilers for Elemental Bonds, Alex vs. Nelth, and the Hammer of Twihards )

In conclusion now I desperately want to write something that'll make the Twilight's Hammer SCARY, because right now they're kind of not. I don't feel al all trapped when I am running around their base (compare and contrast ICC, which looks like a giant spikety prison), two-headed ogres are innately funny, ettins die like drama queens, and Cho'gall is a nincompoop.

Also, I really wanna know why the Twihards are helping Deathwing at all, since it's implied that it's N'Zoth who made Nelthy all WTF, Cho'gall is a C'Thun fanboy, and we know that N'Zoth and C'Thun and Yogg-Saron don't like each other. Are the Twihards just--not really caring WHO blows up the world as long as it does blow up? I r confus.

At least it's easy to tell why Ragnaros is there. He's a pyro, Deathwing's a pyro, so it's time for a super-flamin' BBQ.

Bluh. The more I fumble around with Cata's overplot the more it looks like a disjointed mess. Oh well--maybe the Druids of the Cornholio Style Pyromania Plot will be cooler now that I've opened up the Molten Front.
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Dear Richard 'grammarfail' Knaak,

Seeing as the Scourge were ready, willing and able to raise Galakrond (big papa protodrake) from the dead--and we know this because Alexstrasza is like 'kindly blow their shit up so's to prevent this'--why in the actual scintillating airborne rhinestone-studded waltzing plaid copacabana-dwelling mondo-fuck would a tiny bone chip offa Galakron's big toe or whatever do anything to protect your obnoxious Tauren-stu from a hacked-off Lich King?

More likely, chumpstick, our dear old undead monarch would be toying with Tauren-stu's bovine ass. Giving false hope so that yanking the rug out from under him is just that much more FUN. It's what he does. It's who he is. Learn it, live it, love it. Remember who Ner'zhul is, and remember who Arthas is, and remember that the unified duo is something like /b/1000 multiplied by The Ganker. If you can't keep that simple-ass babby-basics shit straight you shouldn't be trying to write Warcraft anything ya old piece of fail. This just takes the cake for stupid and borderline-disturbing fapping over the dragons.

Bow down and thank all the gods that be for Kim Jae Hwan, as he's the only reason any of your work has a glimmer of merit.

Nyah nyah,


P.P.S. Yes I know this post is the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel with the Mana Fortress's gigantimous fricking lay'zur cannon. XD
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Yes this is more silly WoW crack, feel free to skip as you see fit XD

So ANYWAY because Knucklerot kept stomping my poor little diva of a warlock (I wasn't even trying to solo him either, he just KEPT HAPENING, like I'd turn around and *DOOF*...goddammit, how the FCUK does something that big and dopey sneak up on me, HOW, SERIOUSLY, aboms are not supposed to be ninjas, NINJING IS BULLSHIT) I paused for a while and decided "lol hey let's try to figure out WTF the Blizzard!Latin is in The Culling (you can hear it here) from the Wrath soundtrack, it'll be awesome!"

Cue opening up a Latin/English search thing and going nuts for an hour intermittently with phonetic attempts at words.

...Why do I do these things.

I still don't know ALL of what's being sung; it seems there's two main phrases. I managed to disentangle one:

annona frumentum
effeci funestus
veneficus fatalis
ex fervor incendo

This is--okay, for some reason, even though this is just a basic and not-very-grammatical summation of the events surrounding Stratholme--it's REALLY DAMN CREEPY XD

I think I know WHY it's eerie--the song plays in the Caverns of Time instance where you have to pry the Infinite Dragonflight off the Stratholme disaster because they are gnawing it--the instance where you have to aid one big blond unravelling, exhausted, despairing yeti paladin in fragging his own people to save them from demonic WTF.

(WARNING WARNING CREEPY PARENTHESIS WARNING DO NOT READ ON IF YOU DONT WISH TO BE SEVERELY CREEPED OUT BY DREADLORD RELATED WTF SERIOUSLY I MEAN IT: if you go into the Strat instance in EPL, you'll see that in spite of his best efforts Arthas did not manage to save everyone. There are some dead folks in Strat who I did not see at first, because they are the colour of burnt wood, and they appear to have been turned to stone or something before catching fire. These people were not killed by Arthas and they did not die from the ordinary fire; chances are, they got soul munched, and if it works the same with Mal'Ganis as it does with Tichondrius...yyyyyeah.)

So - we know what's going to happen to Arthas even though back in time he does not. So that dramatic irony fest coupled with the lyrics makes the singers feel a hell of a lot like a Greek Chorus. It's really eerie. Wrath did a lot of stupid things, but--my god, the atmosphere was amazing. The Scourge are still my favourite antagonists. They have PANACHE, yo.

Man, talking of this makes me want to freaking hug Arthas. And then go upside his head a couple times. And then hug him again.
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Reposted and expanded-on yammery comment i left on dear_gnome.

So we know DKs can bleed internally because Koltira snarks about that. We know they can sleep, and since their brains function then they can doubtless dream. The wraithy things that pick on Koltira may well do the bulk of their trollan in dreams as well as lurking in his peripheral vision, since slipping into the astral unknowingly whilst dreaming, and running into things with big sharp teeth, is a common fantasy thing.

They are not alive. They are mos def' undead.

But saying that undeath ought to preclude one from sex is disregarding a metric buttload of mythos and folklore that long predates WoW. Take for example the concept of the dhampir. Kikuchi did NOT make that up; dhampir are Balkan folkloric in origin. Depending on what canon you're going by, Dracula's been (un)dead for anywhere from 600 to 1000 (DAMN IT IGA ahem) to something like 45 000 (DAMN IT KIKUCHI i'm done now really) years. And yet--he still has children. One, if you're going by Castlevania. MANY in the Vampire Hunter D novels, of which D is perhaps the only survivor.

Mind, I don't think DKs can have kids. Dracula is kind of special/weird, so he gets an exception. XD This is not to say that I forbid people from writing such a thing, just that I don't figure it'd work thus. YMMV!

Anyway. If DKs can bleed, then...why could they not get aroused? I know there's plenty of crappy RP out there that wants to have it both ways--the phenomenal cosmic powers without the ittybitty living space as it were--but not everyone who writes DKs as capable of gettin' it up and gettin' it on is a twinkmachine. XD It may be more COMMON among twinkmachines, but there's just as many twinkmachines having their DK wangst about no sex drive. It's a case of daft writing rather than daft concept.

For me? When it comes to well preserved looking undead like the second-gen Death Knights (the Forsaken are an exception to this but I have no doubt they find one another hawt and are, considering everything, well-preserved by comparison) I tend, because LOLTEENAGEBUFFYFANDAYS, to write 'em a bit like re-soul'd Whedonpires. So it's like: breathing is force of habit/getting the air to talk, you CAN eat but it just kinda...passes the time, you can shag sure but your partner is going to be in for a shock if they expect you to have a body temperature above 'rather chilly' (ESPECIALLY if you're Frost-specced lol), the Light without exception burns like a burning burning burn-thing...THINGS! MORE THINGS! )

ETA: Just to clarify, in case i've come off like a jerk: I am totally not saying that My Way is the Highway here; I'm just casting a big side-eye at people who DO get up to that and actually encourage the hassling of those who dare transgress form their guidelines. If this type of person is gonna tout themselves as Smarter Than Thou then they'd best check theyselves b-4 they wreck theyselvesdo their homework before claiming things like 'undead characters never have sex ever in literature or folklore anywhere pre-Buffy'.

Carmilla von Karnstein would like a word. XD

tl;dr write what you like, explore what you like. Do it as best you can and don't Knaak out and we're all happy XD


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