Feb. 10th, 2009 02:11 am
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responding to an rp advice meme, things about Nii-

Please keep in mind that depression != suicidal all the time (seriously, I've had to cluebat so many people about this and most of them oughta know bettah, and I'm largely preaching to the choir, and ranting, ahem), and that doing stupid dangerous crap a la Nii to see what happens to him != necessarily attempting suicide XD;

I might expand on this - RAGING NINE-CAR CRACKMOBILE later. And there will be spoilers up to Reload 9 under the cut.

*pyon* )
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Er, for the record, I don't think I'm liek ttly enlightened and shit; I just find it cathartic to put down in words what I experience. Like, if I can go, "I am irritated because of this and this", can say I'm irritated and pinpoint the fact that I'm totally dwelling on stupid crap that bugs me and maybe provide catharsis for other people who aren't bugged by stupid crap but have experienced similar things. Or something.

In other news SWEET AMALOKITESHVARA reading Dogen's stuff makes my brain do this insane twisty thing.

Just about every Teacher (with a capital T!) has said the same thing about people and behaviour and etc., but we collectively Just Don't Get It so the great ineffable Something keeps having to send in more Teachers. Why are we dumb, dude. XD; And why do so many Teachers have followers who don't get it, and why do we latch onto those dudes instead of realising their stuff is mostly bells and whistles. It's like dumping jimmies/sprinkles onto gourmet vanilla ice cream.

Or something.

Jeez, I want ice cream now!

In other news I am proud of myself for being able to do full lotus position without yanking my feet around, HAHAHAAA.



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