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I keep wishing we’d got more information about the San’layn.

I mean, I love what we do get about Valanar and Keleseth. Just from their quest text alone, you learn:

-They’re brothers

-They care about each other a great deal

-They’re quite high-up on the chain of command (Kel is in charge of the whole of Howling Fjord—from Utgarde, as we learn later)

-They respect you and enjoy working with you (Kel greets you with ‘hail’, entrusts you with what appears to be his very favourite set of sharp pointy things, and is generally very amiable; Val PRACTICALLY SQUEES after you cannonpwn the Scarlets, gets all excited about the prospect pf Arthas being happy about this, and says he’ll make damn sure that the boss knows who was responsible for the explosions and chaos)

For a pair of guys on the evil side of the fence, they’re certainly a lot nicer to deal with than some of the player’s alleged allies!

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So I'm semi-low-level questing again; finishing up the Hero of the Mag'har questline on my DK, even though it's chronologically not possible for Ishandarr to have done this. (He was busy being fascinated by his toes wiggling after being newly-rezzed by Arthas, at this point in time.)

...Okay, I love Greatmother Geyah to pieces.


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I really, really despise when the depression goes "O HAI BEBBEH WASSUP" and camps out on my fucking sofa again.

I was reading Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and I got to the point where one character says they're the last out of all their friends and it was like something inside me kind of fell over and flopped into a little puddle.

That feeling sucks. I mean, I personally don't know for sure if I am the only one left out of the cabin group o' nutz I was part of at summer camp, but like - I might be. I might not be, but the terrifying thing is I could be.

I live with an incurable genetic WTF that I'm handling well because I was blessed with a mild form. And blessed with a lot of being a stubborn bitch. XD

The people I know who died of it didn't do so because they were wimpy or irresponsible. They did because they had to deal with a worse mutation of it, and in one case ran into the worst, lousiest fuckin' stupid twist of what-the-hell-was-that I've ever seen.

And I miss them and I'm emo XD;

I'm sorry I haven't written a lot of really upbeat entries. The migraines chewing on my head are worlds of unfun.

I'm gonna keep reading YKK s'more; in spite of the times when it makes me wibble by mistake it makes me really happy. Alpha and Kokone are awesome. And so is Misago. XD


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