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Mmmmmyyyyeah, I was right. I needed to grind.

SPOILERAMA FOR SoM BEYOND THIS POINT from the Pandora Ruins to the Scorpion Army's first dorking!

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Man I am still getting meteorological whiplash!

On the upsie thought - OH GOD NYAAAAAA WACOM INTUOS TABLET SO FREAKIN' SEXY. I love ths thing. I LOVE THIS THING LIKE BURNING. It's SO responsive and so easy to use and I loooooove eeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

And OSX 10.6 is for the super win. So happy I upgraded.

Speaking of upgrades - man, sometimes though it is not worth it. Like - SNES9X? 1.51 had an issue where you couldn't screencap with the program's built-in capping utility. Everything just turned out magenta and red. So I got annoyed with it, upgraded to 1.52 -

1.52 CHOKES ON MODE 7. LIKE IT PEES ITSELF AD EXPIRES. That is a LOT bloody worse than pink screencap fail. A LOT. I just - flossing christ, replacing one bug with another s not S M R T. ESPECIALLY not a bug of that bloody magnitude! Mode 7 is kind of oh I don't know INTEGRAL to some games? It - seriously, it was like the NURP HURP HURP HURRRRRRRRNURP flickery jumpy bullcrap you'd get on an actual SNES when you really needed to carefully clean the contact points in your game cartridge with rubbing alcohol or just blow on it to get dust out. Or like - the crap you'd get if you had a crappy VGA card back in the day of 386s.

That's - kind of a critical error, and none of the versions before 1.52 had that problem that I know of. What the hell happened there?

Ugh. Yeah either way I downgraded. And I'm back in the saddle braving that creepy effing temple in Pandora and giggling at FuSoYa's extended dialogue. Oh Secret of Mana, you are such a freaking PRETTY GAME but I hate your high evasion enemies like holy shitdamn. I wanna know how NintendoCapriSun and 900RedYoshi managed to splat those freaking TOMATO MEN because I can't do it without magic slinging.

BAH! Ah well. I'm on the verge of getting dropped down a hole and spamming Gnome at the crosseyed Demon Wall! WOO. I've gotten dang good at chain casting.

And I WHUPPED SPIKY TIGER'S ASS and by golly Elinee is such a FANGIRL of the Big Bad. XD Lady calls him -sama in the JP and even in english she's all OMG CLANDESTINE TAKEOVER EEE COOL. It kills me ded XD

Also if you're looking for a good way to level up the javelin, go to that one spot in the haunted woods where those two land masses moved together when you spanked the eyeball thing. Stand up there out of the Chobin Hoods' arrow range right at the little divot where the land masses meet and CHUCK THE JAVELIN AT THEM A LOT MWAHAHAHAA. Leave the eyeball alone unless it starts spamming Cure Water like a loser. You will level that dang sharp thing up so fast y'all. XD

Aaaanyhow. Yeah! How you guys been doing? XDDD Hopefully I'll have some new art to show off soon. TAAAABLET. Nyahaahaa.

In closing, jesus H. christ Neko is an evil little racketeer. XD


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