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So I got round to doing the questing for Darkrider Arly and Olakin this evening, because that's how I roll (i.e. hooray for ADHD and my focus being all over the place wheeeee), and once again I got struck by how fucking fantastic a villain Arthas is.

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Inspired by: Playing through the Pandaria arrival on my pally, and muttering "...It would have been so much cooler and scarier if the landing went like THIS--"
Warnings: My usual peeing on Canon's rug. Semi-spoilers for the landing on Pandaria except not. AU-of-an-AU!

I want to expand on this later hence no formal title block. :B


There was sand up Garrosh Hellscream's nose and sand in his boots and sand in his teeth and sand was trying to get into his eyes but he wasn't going to let it because it was everywhere else. So the sand could just deal with it.

...Was he really thinking that sand could act out of malice and plot against him? Seriously?

Damn, but his head hurt.

... )
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When I was growing up my dad was a gigantimous Gordon Lightfoot fan, and to this day 'Triangle' has a habit of being stuck in my head. (If you happen to go looking for an MP3 of this, go for an older recording--the one from Shadows is the one I've got. Gord sounds a bit funky nowadays.)

And then one day while I was listening to it Eveynna decided to give me alternative lyrics.

Braincanon-wise this is (probably) one of those older folksongs; the locations change depending on where the sailors happen to be GOING. The bracketed locales are the originals; the ones outside brackets are the ones Evey tends to sing.

Stormwinders have a very deep reverence for the sea, obviously. ^^

I don't know if this counts as filk XD )
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...That Balnazzar is the laziest Dreadlord in the universe.



Yeah I know he's supposed to be readying for some big attack, and his Risen (who probably still call him "Saidan Dathrohan" and drive him insane with such) are supposed to be a bigger threat than the Scourge because Balnazzar won't hold back etc. (even though they're squishy as BALLS...)

But--then you go into Strat and they're holed up in their bastion and guarding the front doors with a barricade and...uh...I think Balnazzar is less concerned with making a big army than he is concerned with having an army that can fend off things that may potentially come and eat him, i.e. he's pulling an Illidan move but he's being a far bigger doucheyacht about it and also not doing a very successful job.

Either that or my initial assumption is the truth--that is, he's just really lazy. Strat is a good place for a lazy Dreadlord. It's nice and flamey so it'd remind him of home, and there's lots of wandering ectoplasmic stuff to snack on...he has minions, he's got a nice swanky throne room...

Yeah. Balnazzar is not making an army and planning an attack. He's either keeping other Dreadlords off his lawn, or he's being a couch potato. XD
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This came out of (a) me contemplating how different tea cultures of Azeroth would have developed (i'm going to write about that too eventually) and (b) someone asking me if the tiling patterns/geometric screeny things in Dalaran looked Ottoman to me too.

My answer: yes it does--and incidentally, this is one reason why the High Elves and Blood Elves are not universally as pallid as--well--ME when I'm drawing or writing them. (Again, the credit for my getting into thinking of this at ALL goes to my amazing girlfriend and her patience and insight and badassitude XD)

Seriously, none of their architecture is fully European in origin. Silvermoon City is not ttly zomg Euro-looking in the least, and neither is Dalaran.

(Hold on tight, guys--I'm about to hardcore art nerd all over the place.)

The primary influences seem to be Byzantine and Mughal architecture (and the somewhat-wacky Victorian British take on these), as well as the Art Nouveau movement which was itself inspired in part by Japanese and Mughal and Arabic architecture and art.

yukie: getting nerd all over journals since 2001~ )

Anyway. All this is what informs a lot of my depiction of Blood Elven and High Elven culture. It's also why not all of my Blood Elven or High Elven OCs are especially pallid. XD Kristios and Kleidion are the palest, about the same hue as me; Ishandarr is medium-olive-complected with freckles, Aerionn, Serhan and Isythalar are medium brown, and Lytaea is a darker copper. And Mireillie is bluish, but she's kind of also undead circa the Zerging of Lordaeron so there's that XD



there is my rationale, nerding, jargon, and DAFUQ WAS DAT XD
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Why is it that whenever I set out to meta about things my mind wanders to food first of all.


Suffice it to say this is all about AU Stormwind because canon is boring and stuff and nobody talks about this in-game and I like food. Food is a Major Thing in my family and a MAJOR major thing in my girlfriend's. So yeah, when I think about differing cultures the thing I think of first is often cooking. Food = home.

BASICS: Stormwind cuisine is some kind of joyous WTF hybrid of different aspects of Provençal, Canadian Maritime, Irish, British, Welsh, and Norwegian cuisine, to compare it to our world foodwise. In-universe, it's influenced by High Elven and Dwarven cooking primarily, with Night Elven and Draenei running a close second.

Stormwind has a tea culture similar to that of many places in the UK. If you ask a Stormwinder what meals he or she eats throughout the day, you'll hear 'breakfast, dinner, (high) tea and supper'. They do 'full breakfasts' much of the time (eggs, bacon, toast, baked beans, and so on). If you hear a Stormwinder mention 'low tea', that's an afternoon snack.

Also, King Varian Wrynn is really fond of fish and chips.

and the miscellaneous categories of of snacky-snacky! )


Dec. 26th, 2012 06:57 pm
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Dear tentacle vine things in my garden,

I understem that you only want to be frondly with me, offer me a little tendril loving care...

...But...do not want, guys. I'll get to the root of the issue: my fear of tentacular things has its roots in Northrend, where Yoggy tried to caress me with his noodly appendages. A lot.

I've been jumpy about anything calamari-esque ever since. And you guys are doing a very good elmpression of calamari!

So kindly leaf me alone, tentacle vine things in my garden. I only wanted to spruce up my digs a bit; now thanks to you, I just want to take two aspens and go to bed.

SEVEN out of sixteen spots full of tentacle things--seriously, you guys, this is getting out of hand.

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So I love the Tillers.

And the Klaxxi and the Order of the Cloud Serpent but right now I'm going to be all smug about my giant digital pumpkins (wow that sounds like a surreal innuendo). And kvetch about grindiness, because it IS grindy, even though it's mostly fun.


I find myself caring a lot more about the Tillers and the other people around Halfhill than I do about the overarching "important" plot. (Ditto the Klaxxi. I couldn't give one-sixth of a fart about Garrosh and Varian being colonialist dickweeds (which they won't be in the AU when I start writing...my versions of those two are decidedly different from canon because canon's boring and trite and I'd rather challenge myself) and no Blizzard "benevolent/non-aggressive" colonialism is not better but that's a rant for another time...I must say, though, the WC2 nostalgia trip in Krasarang has some rather pointed edges! Colour me mildly impressed.) Why? Well--because I've gotten to know them.

This is what I don't get. They're completely Ozzie's-boxers-on-my-head senselessly dense about legacy characters, they slack off on characterization or turn on dimes when it comes to newer ones, and...then there's this bunch of farmers. Who I love.

No, their characterization isn't especially überdeep, but they feel like people, and you do discover more little bits and pieces about everyone as you go along. Gina's comments when you ask where everyone lives, for example--she doesn't get along with her dad, she's compassionate (worrying about Ella being lonely, feeling bad for Chee-Chee because he's having bad luck getting started out, and so on), and she's a damn badass businesswoman. As you get closer to these people they open up to you more. You learn about their aspirations, you sympathise with them and you--well--still don't like the grind but for me it feels more like a favour for a friend than arbitrary questing even though it's the latter lol.

Ffff basically I just want to hang around on the farm all the time. XD Ishandarr's pretty domestic anyway and he has a very green thumb for a Death Knight. (Though, my gods, the number of times he's had to wrassle with the fronds of wild veggies...)

Of course, I can't just hang out on the farm all the time because the stupid Mogu will want to come step on it if I don't punch them in the asses and discourage them from stepping on it...and speaking of them.


You cannot set up a severely-xenophobic bunch of might-makes-right domineering fascist bullyboy douches with a superiority complex the size of Kij'jaeden's fiery ass--a bunch of literally stone-faced wankers who see the world as them on top and everybody else as scrubs underfoot--and then expect me to believe they'd ally with anyone that isn't them. ESPECIALLY in the case of the ones you've decided were their allies in the past. I'm not even going to touch the bullshit face-heel turn you pulled with regard to the quote-unquote allies either. Suffice it to say that bullshit's not going in the AU, because it also makes no sense.


I really love the Tillers, and I love my little garden. I love the completely-hammered SI:7 ops who sometimes show up in Halfhill, one of whom challenges me to a dance-off in the name of justice. I love the troll who wonders where the huge meat to go with the huge veggies is, and the jinyu Aqualytes. Halfhill is one of my favourite places. It feels like a home, honestly, and that's more and more the case as time goes on. (Hilariously, it's very similar to Ishandarr's childhood hangouts near his grandfather's house, back when Goldenmist Village was intact...Acamarr was an epic green thumb too...)

I'm enjoying other things too--the Klaxxi and their lore (and their nice gender ambiguity...I'm choosing to read the bigger ones as female because that's how mantid insects work IRL), the Order of the Cloud Serpent, the fact that one of the Golden Lotus ops is mute (and possibly deaf?) and nobody looks down on him at all--he kicks just as much ass as the rest of them and they respect him. That made me really happy, considering Blizzard's prior cack-handedness with issues related to disability (i.e. the Forsaken and the Blood Elves). I suspect they'll continue to be cack-handed sometimes depending on who handles what. Such is life when it comes to a game with a fucktillion writers XD

I have but one kvetch about the Tillers stuff aside the grindiness of it all: it makes me really damn hungry. XD
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(cred for title goes to IvoryTower 'cos she r0xx0rz)

So last night I decided I'd run the Icecrown Dungeon Threebie to see if I could (yes, I'm level 90, but I'm also the RNG's favourite kickball--and I tend to underestimate myself a lot, haha), and I could, and it was fun.

Wrath wasn't perfect, and ICC is the bluest blue thing to ever blue out of blueville. The Alliance-side version of this dungeon run contributed to the Jaina derail in obnoxious ways, and the Horde-side isn't perfect about Sylvanas either. Uther kind of sounds like a douche to me in places, which mehhh. Pit of Saron is a bit counterintuitive to navigate if you're not used to it and misread the map; I ran up the hill instead of around the corner and then went 'oh right, uh...' Also? BRONJAHM DESERVES MORE LOVE. (And a VA who's not pasty godDAMN. Sorry, Metzyboy, but you're about as brown as me--which is to say, absolutely not. Sit down son.) Because he's the hardest-working man in Icecrown. ;p Also, these three dungeons feel kind of brief? I know I'm vastly overlevelled, and that this is sort of a three-in-one dungeon--like, one piece of the icecrown Threebie is not equivalent to one quarter of Auchindoun's complex--but it still seems oddly configured? I'm not sure if there's another dungeon grouping that does this... I dunno. YMMV. To me the pieces felt a little shortish in length and I prolly would have made them separate and not a three-in-one if that was possible without breaking flow. I dunno. It just felt kind of oddish. Others may well disagree and I totally accept that and defer to their greater experience. XD

But. Gripes aside? Wow. The atmosphere. THE LOREGASM. And the end of the dungeon triad flossing christ.

Overall: It's fun stuff. I know I'm not qualified to make major lore judgements or difficulty judgements, and I won't do either. This is just my rambling observations, personal opinions and nattering. :D

So, piece by piece:

take your life, take your soul, everything's out of control )
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Even though Prince Taldaram is the lord of all that is LARGE HAM?

He is an intimidating mofo when he vanishes on you. Even when you're at level 90 and his using you as a slurpee doesn't do much at all (yes I went in solo tonight even though it gets me absolutely nothing, I was holding a grudge against the Spellflingers for glitching out last time i tried at 85 and magic-spamming me to death THROUGH A WALL), it's CREEPY. XD

Uh yeah brosephs tell me again that the elfpire who's got you pinned to the floor while he casually munches your hemoglobin is wussy? Go ahead. I'll wait. But don't expect me to clean up the pile of bro-soot off the floor once Tal gets done with his flame-assisted roflstomping.

(I wish they'd explained what he was doing in there besides being Gothtastic and having no shirt. XD)
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Some people deal with bad soil.

Some people deal with opportunistic wildlife.

Some people deal with gigantic weeds from the lowermost depths of the Twisting Nether.

Some people deal with pudgy caterpillars everywhere.

And me? The magnet of everything with fronds, tentacles, and other assorted noodly appendages?


…I manage to have my garden sprout one. voila )

Which then starts cheerfully waving at me.

-Ishandarr Evenbrooke (who just wanted some carrots for stir-fry and was not expecting this malarkey)

P.S. Stay away from my ankles, frondblossom. You are NOT waving me around like a tourney banner like everything else of your ilk does. ;p the only fronds allowed near me are the ones my girlfriend summons i mean what

Also, I had to arm-wrestle with this to get rid of it. What the hells, nature!?

And another image of the frondblossom.

gdi blizz

Nov. 14th, 2012 09:39 pm
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why did you have to give me another race of nifty, gender-ambiguous, ancient, snarky, cantankerous arthropod people to squee about.

(though, your writer should've totally had them call the PC 'biped'... XD)

Now I wanna write Anub'arak and some of the Klaxxi having a big philosophical debate. :B

ETA: LORE SPOILARS in DW comments, proceed at own risk.
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So the stupidness what is canon right now has inspired me to actually try to explain this guy, as by now they're so radically different as to make people wonder what I'm on probably! WHEE!

Oh well. I have fun writing him and he actually makes sense. (Also, he has not shaved his head and tattooed his lower jaw. And his head is not too small for his body. And he doesn't wear the stupid HORNS OMFG what is that even. He does however have a big ass Warsong Clan mark tat on his back now.)

Anyway, I'mma start off here by discussing his Many Issues because they govern a lot of his life for along time (he gets better) and they're what cause the most problems for him. They fall into three rough categories:

1) issues dealing with himself
2) issues dealing with culture
3) issues about his dad

So I'mma go through all of these. This, again, is AU!Garrosh, so if something seems WTFz0rs it's probably not canon. Mwah hah. Also, I am NOT making excuses for the stupid things he does (which are not the same stupid things as canon, but are still stupid). I'm trying to explain why he thought he should do 'em. XD

this is an LJ cut that isn't wearing pitlord horns )
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You are probably pretty damn Canadian if:

-You are writing AU!not-so-damn-stupid!Garrosh Hellscream explaining just WTF he was doing with the Evel Knievel dirigible shit...

...And you write him as saying he was "trying to deke that damn dragon out, keep it away from the rest of the zeppelins" and then realize that you've written an Orc explaining that he was trying to deke something out and that you didn't even think twice about using "deke" even though Orcs probably don't say "deke" and chances are a bunch of your readers won't know WTF that word even means anyway. lawl.

In conclusion, nonstupid punkass Garrosh is fun to write because he does things like almost Leeroy a zeppelin into a mountain in effort to deke a dragon out so it doesn't eat the rest of his troops. And hey if the Alliance sees him being a a raging badass deke-master or their airship pwns the dragon too, so much the better.

Also I've had too much caffeine.

ETA: Uh wow lol maybe I should explain the Canuck-ese--'deke' is abbreviated from 'decoy', and it's hockeyslang. XD Deke (out) = feinting, faking someone out.
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Even though it's a pain in the nuts to run around if you're used to riding. XD

Even though I've done it a few times.

Even though Dar'Khan has a stupid name. XD

Even though it makes me even more irritable with some of the more egregious Wrath and Cataclysm writing and the lack of effort involved in a bunch of it, Cata especially (there are exceptions, but for the most part--jesus you fucking slackoffs).

Even though some of it ties into the totally idiotic Kael Derail.

Even though the class-quest NPCs make me sad now because they have no purpose.

Even though they put a pointless fucking character into it now (Veresa does fuck-nothing; I want IT's version of her in the game, not this suddenly xenophobic little dry-drunk one-dimensional gary stu's prize douchesse who sounds like the sobbing brat neck beards snuffling and fapping about eewwwhhhnnn blood elves).

Even though the scenery and some of the bits and bobs and incidental objects make me wish there was MORE OF IT.

I love Ghostlands. It's gorgeous as hell, GOTHTASTIC, is full of solid lore (look at the names of the Forsaken--THEY WERE ELVES), has the pendant quest in it, has Forsaken-brand ridiculous humour ("ew, guys; fresh air *deadpan fase*"), has amazing NPC conversations, has enemies that are ACTUALLY SCARY AT-LEVEL (GODDAMMIT DAR'KHAN KEEP YOUR ABOMS ON A LEASH THEY KEEP STEPPING ON ME), has a nifty, somewhat tricky end-boss, and - you know what I'm glad it wasn't touched. While the plot timewarping is amusing, I don't want Blizzard's current quest team to fuck with it, because they'll fuck it up. They're stupid XD


Yeah. I love Ghostlands to bits. It has my favourite antags ever in it (the Scourge scares the hell out of me and I fully plan to ramble about WHY soon), it has Blood Elves and Forsaken being snarky, it's lore-licious, and it's pretty.

There need to be more zones like it. Northrend is full of the same kind of squee to me. XD

(Yeah I have a thing for Arthas leave me alone. XD He breaks the fourth wall all the time and that kicks butt.)

I know it's bad to not be forward-looking--parts of MoP look gorgeous. But the dev team's rosy-spec nostalgia-boner for WC1 is offputting as hell, so as ever I'll shrug and do what I want to do and make up my own story as I go.

I was an X-Phile, I am a champ at that. XD
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TITLE: HELLSCREAM'S LAMENT 1: Bloodthirsty Dustwallow Marsh
PEOPLE: Garrosh, and the advisors he's being sarcastic at.
PAIRING: None, really.
WARNINGS: AU sorta-sarcasmo-Garrosh whose voice is kind of different from canon, because when I tried to suss out his voice from quests and stuff, THIS NONSENSE was the result... He also has some common sense. Mostly because Saurfang scared it into him.
NOTES: First-person semi-monologue orc shenanigans.

Presenting: Yukie's version of Garrosh, ranting about why he's never going to try for Theramore because Dustwallow Marsh wants to destroy his face like a Castlevania Bird.

There will probably be a series of these because I find this inexplicably hilarious and letting Garrosh kvetch about things is fun.

Takes place in a continuity based upon the AU what my girlfriend started. XD

Minor SPOILARS for the circumstances of the Theramore business in MoP.

the hellscream kid is quite loud )
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So last night I finished up the 'Tirion's Gambit' questline as well as the LOL ADMIRAL WESTWIND one. XD; I like Wrath stuff, I dunno. It feels a lot more rounded out than a lot of Cata things to me, quest-wise. I know it did dumb stuff to raiding, but the questing was nice.

Spolars for Wrath within, particularly the two questlines I mentioned above. I know I'm way out of the spoiler buffer zone and into territory roughly around 'Aerith dies at the end of Disk One', but hey. Also, CHRONIC CASUAL SWEARING. XD

Of Trolling Undead Kings and Booty-Rockin' Dreadlords )
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Reposted and expanded-on yammery comment i left on dear_gnome.

So we know DKs can bleed internally because Koltira snarks about that. We know they can sleep, and since their brains function then they can doubtless dream. The wraithy things that pick on Koltira may well do the bulk of their trollan in dreams as well as lurking in his peripheral vision, since slipping into the astral unknowingly whilst dreaming, and running into things with big sharp teeth, is a common fantasy thing.

They are not alive. They are mos def' undead.

But saying that undeath ought to preclude one from sex is disregarding a metric buttload of mythos and folklore that long predates WoW. Take for example the concept of the dhampir. Kikuchi did NOT make that up; dhampir are Balkan folkloric in origin. Depending on what canon you're going by, Dracula's been (un)dead for anywhere from 600 to 1000 (DAMN IT IGA ahem) to something like 45 000 (DAMN IT KIKUCHI i'm done now really) years. And yet--he still has children. One, if you're going by Castlevania. MANY in the Vampire Hunter D novels, of which D is perhaps the only survivor.

Mind, I don't think DKs can have kids. Dracula is kind of special/weird, so he gets an exception. XD This is not to say that I forbid people from writing such a thing, just that I don't figure it'd work thus. YMMV!

Anyway. If DKs can bleed, then...why could they not get aroused? I know there's plenty of crappy RP out there that wants to have it both ways--the phenomenal cosmic powers without the ittybitty living space as it were--but not everyone who writes DKs as capable of gettin' it up and gettin' it on is a twinkmachine. XD It may be more COMMON among twinkmachines, but there's just as many twinkmachines having their DK wangst about no sex drive. It's a case of daft writing rather than daft concept.

For me? When it comes to well preserved looking undead like the second-gen Death Knights (the Forsaken are an exception to this but I have no doubt they find one another hawt and are, considering everything, well-preserved by comparison) I tend, because LOLTEENAGEBUFFYFANDAYS, to write 'em a bit like re-soul'd Whedonpires. So it's like: breathing is force of habit/getting the air to talk, you CAN eat but it just kinda...passes the time, you can shag sure but your partner is going to be in for a shock if they expect you to have a body temperature above 'rather chilly' (ESPECIALLY if you're Frost-specced lol), the Light without exception burns like a burning burning burn-thing...THINGS! MORE THINGS! )

ETA: Just to clarify, in case i've come off like a jerk: I am totally not saying that My Way is the Highway here; I'm just casting a big side-eye at people who DO get up to that and actually encourage the hassling of those who dare transgress form their guidelines. If this type of person is gonna tout themselves as Smarter Than Thou then they'd best check theyselves b-4 they wreck theyselvesdo their homework before claiming things like 'undead characters never have sex ever in literature or folklore anywhere pre-Buffy'.

Carmilla von Karnstein would like a word. XD

tl;dr write what you like, explore what you like. Do it as best you can and don't Knaak out and we're all happy XD
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I know I've ranted about this in short form in the past but I've finally got a full post's worth of material about it now!

Hokay, so. MIND TALENTS! They've been around in literature and stuff since way, way before Spock made his debut on the scene. My first encounter with them in fiction that I can remember was - okay. In books, it was Monica Hughes's The Dream Catcher and then again in Madeleine L'Engle's A Wind in the Door. On TV, it was that old 1990s X-Men cartoon (hey shut up, it was fun XD) and Counselor Deanna Troi. It's The Dream Catcher that's really the inspiration for how I write societies of people with mental talents; I wasn't really a Trekkie although I have a tone of friends who are. I don't doubt there's some Vulcan influence in my work too - but I digress.

The point of this post was not navel-gazing, it was how to write or RP mental talents in a way that doesn't annoy the bejesus out of people.

This is all my opinion, of course, and I know my way isn't the only way, but the examples I'm about to give are largely in the category of 'this is how NOT to do it well'. Discussion's more than awesome but pls refrain from talking to me as if I were a mentally defunct jumping bean XD

Of course every universe has its own rules; the examples I've given are from my own games and writing and from stuff I've seen myself. These deal with characters who have control over their gifts for the most part.

ETA: It occurs to me that I totally left out any stuff about n00bs. A n00b psychic is prolly going to get an eyeful of brain by accident OFTEN and end up flailing around because they would rather not have seen that dude thinking about that thing that time. This can ALSO be RPed or written annoyingly (along the "OH TEH MELODRAMAZ AND TEH WANGST AND TEH SORROEZ, and so on" lines of things) but for the most part I've dealt with developed psychics, so it's them I'm rambling about mostly. I'll likely deal with n00b psychics at a later date. This is principally about psychics who can control their stuff.

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