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So it abruptly got REALLY DAMN COLD here; apparently it remembered this is Canada after last year's temporary amnesia? And part of me is like AWW YEEEE because godfuckit I hated last winter, it scared the fuck out of me. But another part of me is like NO REALLY WHERE IS MY HAAAAAAAT

Probably somewhere weird; when dad came over to take my window AC unit out for the season he randomly cleaned, which means some of my stuff that was out got put places I didn't expect them to be.

He also dusted all my action figures and posed them goofy. Like, he tried his damnedest to make both Sephiroths bro-fist but FF7!Seph fell over and AC!Seph was just sort of like "you left me hanging dude". Vincent had his gun pointed at Kaworu, Mateus was bopping spooky!Rei with his mage-staff...


I was like, "DAD WHY"


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So yeah. Humidex. How I fuckin' hate that word.

29C, feeling like 37C right now. Tomorrow's going to be grosser--30 feeling like 40.

My apartment is cool thankfully, and i have a big jug of Gatorade in the fridge and dad's coming over with an air conditioner later this evening, which is even better. But still aauaghagagaguh.

Heat + me = no.
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So just about everybody knows how much I look upon the quote-unquote ~*plotline*~ dealing with the Forsaken in Cataclysm with utter contempt because of its lazy fail.

but this, I'm not sure how to

that is

I mean like

seriously this is

okay yes that's a sheep.

Swimming in the green Undercity jello spillage of Southshore. Chillin' like a villain.

Now, if this stuff in Southshore is supposed to be the uberplague

Why am I not deceased or disintegrated


Personally I think the people of Southshore have all gone to have their kegger--which was in progress before the Forsaken crashed the party--somewhere that the slimes won't eat their beer, and the world's biggest jello shot of the damned won't be all over the yard. Those weren't plague canisters I was picking up, they were KEG BITS. THE FORSAKEN TOTALLY CRASHED SOUTHSHORE'S KEGGER WITH A TERRIFYING MONSTER FUCKING JELLO SHOT. AND THEN THE WHOLE SHEBANG BECAME A KEGGER OF THE DAMNED. Those cows ain't dead they've been TIPPED. And all the Worgen are being drama llama ventkiddie capslockers and Helcular's all making rod jokes because they're ALL OF THEM COMPLETELY SMASHED.

okay i think the decongestant is doing things to my brain now i will go to bed
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...And this happens:

Me: ... ... ...Ishandarr, you're one of five kids, how did that happen o.O
Ishan: My parents married young, we're all pretty spaced out--
Acamarr: *enter the DK's maternal grandpa* And there are a lot of druids on your mother's side of the family.


Also, three "epic quests" happened last night!

spoilers for Elemental Bonds, Alex vs. Nelth, and the Hammer of Twihards )

In conclusion now I desperately want to write something that'll make the Twilight's Hammer SCARY, because right now they're kind of not. I don't feel al all trapped when I am running around their base (compare and contrast ICC, which looks like a giant spikety prison), two-headed ogres are innately funny, ettins die like drama queens, and Cho'gall is a nincompoop.

Also, I really wanna know why the Twihards are helping Deathwing at all, since it's implied that it's N'Zoth who made Nelthy all WTF, Cho'gall is a C'Thun fanboy, and we know that N'Zoth and C'Thun and Yogg-Saron don't like each other. Are the Twihards just--not really caring WHO blows up the world as long as it does blow up? I r confus.

At least it's easy to tell why Ragnaros is there. He's a pyro, Deathwing's a pyro, so it's time for a super-flamin' BBQ.

Bluh. The more I fumble around with Cata's overplot the more it looks like a disjointed mess. Oh well--maybe the Druids of the Cornholio Style Pyromania Plot will be cooler now that I've opened up the Molten Front.
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Yes this is more silly WoW crack, feel free to skip as you see fit XD

So ANYWAY because Knucklerot kept stomping my poor little diva of a warlock (I wasn't even trying to solo him either, he just KEPT HAPENING, like I'd turn around and *DOOF*...goddammit, how the FCUK does something that big and dopey sneak up on me, HOW, SERIOUSLY, aboms are not supposed to be ninjas, NINJING IS BULLSHIT) I paused for a while and decided "lol hey let's try to figure out WTF the Blizzard!Latin is in The Culling (you can hear it here) from the Wrath soundtrack, it'll be awesome!"

Cue opening up a Latin/English search thing and going nuts for an hour intermittently with phonetic attempts at words.

...Why do I do these things.

I still don't know ALL of what's being sung; it seems there's two main phrases. I managed to disentangle one:

annona frumentum
effeci funestus
veneficus fatalis
ex fervor incendo

This is--okay, for some reason, even though this is just a basic and not-very-grammatical summation of the events surrounding Stratholme--it's REALLY DAMN CREEPY XD

I think I know WHY it's eerie--the song plays in the Caverns of Time instance where you have to pry the Infinite Dragonflight off the Stratholme disaster because they are gnawing it--the instance where you have to aid one big blond unravelling, exhausted, despairing yeti paladin in fragging his own people to save them from demonic WTF.

(WARNING WARNING CREEPY PARENTHESIS WARNING DO NOT READ ON IF YOU DONT WISH TO BE SEVERELY CREEPED OUT BY DREADLORD RELATED WTF SERIOUSLY I MEAN IT: if you go into the Strat instance in EPL, you'll see that in spite of his best efforts Arthas did not manage to save everyone. There are some dead folks in Strat who I did not see at first, because they are the colour of burnt wood, and they appear to have been turned to stone or something before catching fire. These people were not killed by Arthas and they did not die from the ordinary fire; chances are, they got soul munched, and if it works the same with Mal'Ganis as it does with Tichondrius...yyyyyeah.)

So - we know what's going to happen to Arthas even though back in time he does not. So that dramatic irony fest coupled with the lyrics makes the singers feel a hell of a lot like a Greek Chorus. It's really eerie. Wrath did a lot of stupid things, but--my god, the atmosphere was amazing. The Scourge are still my favourite antagonists. They have PANACHE, yo.

Man, talking of this makes me want to freaking hug Arthas. And then go upside his head a couple times. And then hug him again.


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