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Even though it's a pain in the nuts to run around if you're used to riding. XD

Even though I've done it a few times.

Even though Dar'Khan has a stupid name. XD

Even though it makes me even more irritable with some of the more egregious Wrath and Cataclysm writing and the lack of effort involved in a bunch of it, Cata especially (there are exceptions, but for the most part--jesus you fucking slackoffs).

Even though some of it ties into the totally idiotic Kael Derail.

Even though the class-quest NPCs make me sad now because they have no purpose.

Even though they put a pointless fucking character into it now (Veresa does fuck-nothing; I want IT's version of her in the game, not this suddenly xenophobic little dry-drunk one-dimensional gary stu's prize douchesse who sounds like the sobbing brat neck beards snuffling and fapping about eewwwhhhnnn blood elves).

Even though the scenery and some of the bits and bobs and incidental objects make me wish there was MORE OF IT.

I love Ghostlands. It's gorgeous as hell, GOTHTASTIC, is full of solid lore (look at the names of the Forsaken--THEY WERE ELVES), has the pendant quest in it, has Forsaken-brand ridiculous humour ("ew, guys; fresh air *deadpan fase*"), has amazing NPC conversations, has enemies that are ACTUALLY SCARY AT-LEVEL (GODDAMMIT DAR'KHAN KEEP YOUR ABOMS ON A LEASH THEY KEEP STEPPING ON ME), has a nifty, somewhat tricky end-boss, and - you know what I'm glad it wasn't touched. While the plot timewarping is amusing, I don't want Blizzard's current quest team to fuck with it, because they'll fuck it up. They're stupid XD


Yeah. I love Ghostlands to bits. It has my favourite antags ever in it (the Scourge scares the hell out of me and I fully plan to ramble about WHY soon), it has Blood Elves and Forsaken being snarky, it's lore-licious, and it's pretty.

There need to be more zones like it. Northrend is full of the same kind of squee to me. XD

(Yeah I have a thing for Arthas leave me alone. XD He breaks the fourth wall all the time and that kicks butt.)

I know it's bad to not be forward-looking--parts of MoP look gorgeous. But the dev team's rosy-spec nostalgia-boner for WC1 is offputting as hell, so as ever I'll shrug and do what I want to do and make up my own story as I go.

I was an X-Phile, I am a champ at that. XD
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So I've been listening to the Blue Plz podcast archives whilst I work (it helps me focus) and hit on an earlier episode in which TotalBiscuit interviewed Oxhorn (he of ROFLMAO fame); they mentioned a machinima called "Birth of the Forsaken" in which the music used was Verbum Caro Factum Est, and I immediately pounced on Youtube once I got home.

I am probably the only person ever who had not seen this yet. Lolol.

Yeah, it's old--it predates Sylvanas's blue high-elven-looking model and the stupidfestival with the way she's handled by writers; she's still got the Night Elf one here. Varimathras's old low-poly model makes an appearance here too. It's a very simple video. Not many fancy SFX at all, if there are any. But it works. The MOOD in this thing, WOW. The atmosphere. It's really, really evocative. The procession reminded me of the 'Ave Maria' sequence from Fantasia (though they really do not look much alike at all, snerk--this is how my mind works).

I don't know--something about this vid just hit me right between the eyes and smackbang in the heart simultaneously. Some of it is that I'm a sucker for choral music. Some of it is that I really like Sylvanas (though heaven save me from her stanning doofus fans, eesh) and this machinima made my brain hop back to comparing her to Jeanne d'Arc. (I have sane reasons for this comparison! It's not OMG EXACTLY TEH SAEM but rather who she is to her people and what she did for them.) Some of it is that I love Tirisfal and think it's beautiful, and I feel the same about Undercity. IT IS A BUNCH OF THINGS!

And now I keep imagining a Forsaken-and-DK choir singing Verbum Caro and that mental image refuses to go away even though it's very silly. The idea of Thassarian singing tenor is just glorious. Nathanos, of course, is baritone. (So's Ishandarr lol OCs. XD)


Mar. 8th, 2010 09:37 pm
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I stole it from Kyl! Comment here and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You are free to repost this with your answers to the questions in your journal.

And now, MEME! She hit me up with Castlevania, Saiyuki and Utena, so~

fansquee noises! )


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