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I stole it from Kyl! Comment here and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You are free to repost this with your answers to the questions in your journal.

And now, MEME! She hit me up with Castlevania, Saiyuki and Utena, so~

fansquee noises! )
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Dear doofus kid:

Yeah, I know I'm a masochist for bothering to read youtube comments, but - ferchrissakes, what the hell is this 'Yisou never fought hand to hand so it makes no sense for him to be in the fightan gaem'?

Look, maybe you never read the manga, but even in the 'you guys had pumpkin seeds for a budget' Gensoumaden anime, there ARE bits that show Yisou as able to handle himself in a hand-to-hand fight. The manga's better at it. It's a very BRIEF moment, but watch Hakkai after the lololololololololol centipede zerg rush when Yisou's all, 'oh my the way, that asshole was my dad'. Hakkai goes RARG and tries to clobber Yisou, who pwns him aikido-ish-ly and then parks on him like a misbehaving cat writ huge. (Sanzo, you should have just got one of those little bullrush cat-teasing things. I bet it seriously would have worked.) And the way Minekura draws this is very reminiscent of the way she draws Hakkai aikido-whomping people.

So yeah, WTF with this 'cannot fight hand to hand' tomfoolery.

Also, to the person who whined that Ukoku should've been in the fightan gaem - you are dense, not only would he be too hax but at the time the game came out he was barely active as 'Ukoku'.

So yeah. Learn2observant. Yisou's a nobleman's kid (even if he really doesn't like his dad), he would have learned hand-to-hand stuff as well as the art of swordity.

I don't know where the hell he learned how to throw those damn little sticks though. XD

Read ye the manga, noisyfan, before you make dumb statements whilst claiming to be the authoritah.

-Teh Yukie

And now some stuff for the people who endure my ranties! Random SUPER META from the Bus Gamer manga (as well as evidence for my tongue in cheek theory that Yisou is a lolcat)! There is a Saiyuki fightan gaem in an arcade that Saitoh and Ichinomiya are at; Ichinomiya plays Gojyo, whom Saitoh resoundingly baps playing as Yisou ("I mean, all I had to do was lay back and chuck my projectiles and rack up combos while you tried to recover..." which would probably be possible in the Gunlock game but Kami would be FAR worse for that oh god the freaking bead danmaku make it stop). SO. Yeah. ♥ Minekura.
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(This is going to be one of those shallow fangirly entries. XD)

I have a Thing about Kamen Rider Zanki.

Mostly because he is a complete badass as well as being one of the most awesome compassionate characters I've ever seen, partially because he whacks Momotaro in the butt with his Ongeki guitar in Kamen Rider Decade -

- And partially because when he isn't masked he looks like this.

He has an epic voice too.

Yeah I'm being hormonal, wevz, I'm allowed. XD

I like a hell of a lot of the riders - Kabuto and Gatack are way up there, so are the four punks in Blade, and I adore the fact that baddass!scaryfuck!Delta was a tiny older teenage girl who was nekojita 555 was such an awesome series I also love Naoya.

I guess he kinda counts as a Rider, he used the Phi gear once.

This guy played Naoya. Epic casting is epic.

This has been your post of me being a GIANT FANGIRL.

Brought to you by the fact that oh my god I am never using anything but Lush stuff ever again any more jesus ♥ Flying Fox you are my best friend.


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