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So last night I went to the convenience store nearby to get some milk and ridiculous novelty cereal, because I could.

And this particular store regularly has THE most ridiculous music, running the gamut from the randomest of random oldies to horrible covers of death.

And I was perusing the cereal aisle (and moving around every so often to avoid these incredibly sugar-powered kids speeding up and down the aisle repeatedly), and I hear over the intercom: "o/` Don't know much about a science book, don't know much about the French I took~"

And I had to stop myself from giggling like a nerd sovereign, because that particular song shows up briefly in one of the Jing: King of Bandits manga (specifically volume 4, in the Prison of Dreams story arc, where it is used as a method of making sure a dodo-bird-and-cerberus-dog-powered trolley moves at the right tempo, and no I'm not kidding, and no that is not the silliest means of drawing a trolley seen in that manga) in a couple of panels and I am easily entertained.

One of the nice things about having a brain that works the way mine does (when I have the right medication and strategies to navigate its crazier flights of WTF), even if it can make things a pain in the damn ass sometimes because I can't focus or people don't understand my nonlinear logic leaps of doom? I am rarely bored for too terribly long these days. Because I will remember things like oldies songs in manga out of the blue and it will make me smile and I will be able to deal with dodging speeding kids in Shoppers Drug Mart repeatedly. XD

Lawl, no.

Aug. 15th, 2007 08:32 pm
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Okay, um, if a kid watches too much TV and plays too many damn video games, that is not going to 'cause autism' or 'cause ADD'. Sure, if a parent is irresponsible and lets the boob-tube-a-roo raise their kid, said kid will likely be impatient, easily bored, and will probably have difficuly communicating, to a certain extent.

This does not mean that said kid has ADD or Autism or Asperger's Syndrome.

It means the kid's developed bad mental habits. They can be rectified with effort. ADD and Asperger's and the like need more than just 'trying to break a bad habit'. it's apples and oranges.

If an adult does what that kid does, that adult will display the same symptoms. It doesn't 'cause' ADD or - gah. You can't catch a neurological disorder from the television set. Any person, if they're exposed to a lot of jumpcuts and instant gratification, develops an expectation for those. Our brain's internal clock adjusts to set the faster pace as 'normal'. Every human being does this.

This is not what ADD is. I am going to 'splain what it is! And preach to the choir a lot but I feel the need to talk about this so nyah.

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That is all.

Society's brokenness is universally harmful. We all suffer from it, and us-vs-them perpetuates our suffering. White guys, for example, in Canada, are currently in the upper-hand position, but they are constantly told that they will lose this, they're under pressure to fit the same pigeonholes as anyone else is, they face the same fucking contradictory bullshit-artistry and 'be XYZ, but not XZ, and definitely not YAZ, ebcause then you're a failure" as us all, so WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE DEFEND THIS BROKEN MODEL?

People in privilege face bullshit, too. it's of a different kind, but just as prevalent, so WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY WANT TO CONTIUE SUFFERING?

The model that treats women, people of colour, people with handicaps - 'lesser people' so fucking horribly is the same model that's making guys feel like everything is out to nostril-rape them unto utter desolation.

The enemy is not women or men. it is not blacks or whites. it is not gays or straights.


Backbiting within movements, smearing other movements, us-vs-them. everyone-for-oneself, political peenwhackery, and this disturbing trent of whiny navel-gazing fuck-everyone-but-meeee sociopathy that envcourages people to be horriffically selfish and shut off their basic human empathy - ALL OF THIS CONTRIBUTES TO MAINTAINING THE CURRENT FLAWED MODEL, AND PERPETUATING THE MISERY.

Do we grok it yet? XD (I know I'm preaching to the choir and that most people are onto this; I also know it's a misery to break a bad habit, and the way we function now is one killer giant bad habit.)

No one person from any other walk of life has stolen from you the joy that you deserve oh-so-much-more. Sub 'money' for 'joy'. sub 'job' for 'joy'. YOU are the cultivator of your own misery. A LGBTTQ person having the same basic human rights as a heterosexual - why is that terrifying? Ditto men and women, people of colour and the pigmentially challenged.


How does that manifest, in the minds of the terrified, as 'if she is paid as much as you, you are worth less.' It makes no sense. Society miswires us dreadfully.

'Rights' is not applicable in this sub-for-joy model, because that moves beyond the personal and into the community.

The second anyolne says anything about 'those people' they've failed, because - there is no 'us' or 'them' or 'we' or 'those'. HUMANITY IS A RACE OF ITS OWN. there are ethnicities within it, but if you compare our DNA, the similarities are boggling.

Think of us like a salad. There is no 'most important thing' in a salad. "oh but lettuce" no, there is salad to be made without lettuce. It's the combination of ingredients thsat MAKES the salad. The bowl is society, the salad is us, and the variety of things in the bowl makes it a good salad. Lettuce on its own is not a damn salad despite what some crappy restos might claim!

Or soup. PRIMORDIAL SOUP uh no. Within the stock-o-society we all float around. You cannot make a soup with JUST carrrots in or JUST meat or JUST celery, you need a lot of fucking ingredients or you have dead boring CRAPPY SOUP.

So it is withg society. Equality is not 'everyone is the Borg'. Equality within society is very much equality in the maths sense. Two is equal to two. Two oranges is equal to two apples, because there are two. One is equal to one. One steamroller is equal to one cookie, because there is ONE and ONE. One woman is equal to one man. One and one. One drag queen is equal to one wall-street suit. One and one.

This should be common sense, damn it, but it's not and WHY IS IT NOT ugh.

Now, I quote Flnkie: "No. No one person represents the whole feminist movement, or all feminisms. Not this feminist, not any other feminist." And yet because of how people classify and quantify and pigeonhole, the typical reaction is "yes they do." How often do we hear the phrase "well if all _____ are like you, then ______."

Sad but true. And, reading the rest~

People can do wrong things while still doing other right things. The right things don’t cancel out the wrong things, and vice versa. They are separate acts, separate aspects of people’s characters, because people are complex.

Part of this is reflected in Christianity, but the biggest thing...humans aren't a zero-sum game, we're ALL complex and curious and have personalities like a fractal - you can see a glimpse ofthe overall by looking quickly, but as you look closer you see how the complex patterns begin to emerge; likewise you can make a loose guess about someone by only seeing a small portion of their behavior but you can't assume that what you see is all of it.

Like, with you, I know we had discussions a while back about how you're not the hyper happy "genki girl" you want to be in chats and conversations.

There's a LOT more to you that I don't know about.

There's a lot to ME that I'm sure you don't know about

And that just comes down to...even as you stare at the fractal pattern, you'll continue to find new details and new complexities into who people are and why they do things.

Why James Blunt wrote that song, or why Dick Cheney does what he does.

Despite being polar opposites of things.

People aren't just...anything. People aren't "just." "Just" a feminist, "just" a conservative."

I heart Flinkie.

There is no 'just'. no us and them.

We all live on this planet, we have to share everything, and some days I think that Robert Fulghum was right, and we all need to go back to kindergarten and re-learn everything.
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Probably this phenomenon isn't exactly rare but not everyone has the attention tweaks of my brain so they might not notice.

Sometimes it's scent-and-taste-have-a-colour with me. Sometimes it's sound-has-a-shape.

...Lombardy poplar trees smell like the colour Sap Green. (To the non-artskankiferous of us that's kind of an olivey colour but with less brown in.) They really do. every time I smell them, my mind's eye gives me an image of that colour. Yellow-burnt sienna-green, sap green. It fades in and out from yellow, too, which intrigues my pants off.

There are other smells that do this to me, too. Cilantro smells green and 'pointy'. Like, too bright on my mind's eye, and it tastes the same? If a colour could have a pepper flavour to it, cilantro is green with too much pepper on it. Almost this colour but - not? It's not as luminous. But it's not dull either.

My brain's colours are outside a RGB display gamut.

Parsley tastes the same colour green as it is.

Sounds do things to me too. A violin makes the shape of a sort of thin shimmery diagonal line in my mind. It's pale-gold and luminous. think of how a spiderweb looks in a flashlight, then increase the contrast so you have that thread against a pure black backdrop of eyelids. More violins make more lines. Pachelbel's canon gives me a forest of them.

'Whiny' violin tones or out of tune string instruments make the wrong 'angle' and annoy the piss out of me. Trumpets at a particular pitch and volume are too strident and for whatever reason they make me squinch my face up like I ate a lemon when they hit it. it sounds like - pointy? And it feels like the point's trying to crawl into my retina wtf. it's not as storng an image as violons are. Or pipe organs. I can't - it's hard to describe some of the effects. Violins have the strongest image. Organs sort of vibrate violet-red at the periphery of my mind's eye and arch up or down or around depending on the notes being played. Chords make the colour advance or recedew but...not? Oh jeez, this is hard to describe.

And the THX noise has a very specific 'FUCKING STUPID SHAPE' effect on me. I can't even DRAW the thing. I'd need, like, a canvas shaped like a planetarium dome. And some annoying-ass colour of marker. Or something.

This sounds cracky. But it intrigues the heck out of me.

For an example of what synaesthetic sound -> picture can look like, Begone Dull Care by Normal McLaren of the NFB is a good example. His Blinkity Blank is just as good, though it's much more pictorial. When i first saw Begone it was in my Colour Science class, and we were discussing synaesthesia. They figure Norm had it going on. Some of the ways he 'sees sounds' look like the way I see them, but some of them were off my 'model' and I had to close my eyes because the pairing-off wasn't 'there' in my head and it annoyed me. he does use a lot of different shakes, but there are common 'categories' of shape=noise that you can find.

if you look on YouTube someone's put it up there, but it's hella grainy, I warn you. The effect's diminished by that. Seeing it in a dark classroom, projected BIG on a wall screen in glorious brilliant colour, is - wow. I love the NFB.

Someday I'll go to the NBF building in Toronto and watch Begone again. And The Sand Castle and - yes. everything I remember from my kidhood.

Anyhow - do any of you guys get an effect like this too? They figure that one in twenty-three people has some kind of synaesthetic inclination. Maybe it's more, maybe less.

I know I'm not teh spetchul for experiencing this, blah blah, bite a zit annoyingpeople. I'm jsut - yeah. I think this phenomenon is cool and I wonder who else I know on LJ has something like this going on.


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