Aug. 19th, 2007 06:25 pm
yukie1013: (BLARGH)
Unless you are

a) My doctor,
b) A member of my family,
c) My fiancé, or
d) A VERY trusted friend,

You have no business trying to DICTATE what medical treatments, foods, activities, drinks, religions or any-other-damn-thing I should or should not be having, or should nor should not be involved with.

Got it?

I am not a child. I am not -your- child. I am not -yours-. I dare say I know more about my own body than ever you will about your own.

So back off, you wannabe dictator-benefactors. You're pretty much all misinformed idiots anyhow.

Offering advice or suggestions is fine. I'm grateful for such. Suggestions are fine!

Getting all butt-hurt when I do not adhere to your words as gospel? No. You're not my doctor, my mother, my future husband or my anything. Get out of my life k thx bye :D

durp hurp

Aug. 3rd, 2007 07:56 am
yukie1013: (baby's got a temper)
Went through my gallery and delorted a couple Riku-and-Ansem pics in case LJ gets its boxers in a wad over 'em. Even though, uh, I only draw older!Riku. Like when he's eighteen.

But yeah. Ass covering, GO. I'd rather not get my ass whacked for an imaginary TOS violating. :B

Chew mah willie, your Honour.

'Clever' commentary about my (im)maturity, my apparent paranoia, my alleged ephebophilia (fuck off) or whatever-goddamn-well-else bullying flaws like to wave around about me as of late are not welcome, incidentally. ♥ If you want to discuss something with me, that's great. I like discussion!

I like it when people discuss things with me as though I am a fellow adult and capable of higher reasoning.

I will not, however, tolerate passive-aggressive swipes, eeja-weeja-woo talk (I'm not a toddler) and attacks on my personal character, mental state, or maturity. FAIL. Maybe I was a doormat mocktarget geek in the past, but you know what? I'm not anyone's little victim anymore. I gave up on that shit when I hit seventeen. Shoulda' got at me ten years ago if you wanted a free voodoo doll, buttrash particles. XD I may still have the marks, but that don't mean I'm still your free target.

I do not suffer bullies. They are, without exception, failures at life.


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