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When I was growing up my dad was a gigantimous Gordon Lightfoot fan, and to this day 'Triangle' has a habit of being stuck in my head. (If you happen to go looking for an MP3 of this, go for an older recording--the one from Shadows is the one I've got. Gord sounds a bit funky nowadays.)

And then one day while I was listening to it Eveynna decided to give me alternative lyrics.

Braincanon-wise this is (probably) one of those older folksongs; the locations change depending on where the sailors happen to be GOING. The bracketed locales are the originals; the ones outside brackets are the ones Evey tends to sing.

Stormwinders have a very deep reverence for the sea, obviously. ^^

I don't know if this counts as filk XD )
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TITLE: Purple - Red = Blue
PEOPLE: Jaina and Aethas, primarily.
PAIRING: None, really.
WARNINGS: If you actually like how the game canon is you'll probably get all madpants at me for making fun of it. :D But if you don't, this may entertain you. Hey, I like making nonsensical shit make sense. Silk purse out of a sow's ear, if you will!

So yeah lol I got sick of the hackery and decided to work within the boundaries of canonical events to SOME extent, but make things make fucking sense and keep people IC as I did so. And then this happened. Takes place after the stupid bell crap (which ended differently because I don't feel the urge to be edgy and grimdark). JAINA DISAPPROVES OF PORTAL macro goes here!

So the background: Theramore still got pwnt, BUT there is no lol realityhole, and it got pwnt in a manner that was less contrived. There were minimal casualties (and none on the civilian front)--although a certain carrot-top mage is comatose as a result of the arcane backlash, as are most of the other folks who were too close when everythang splod. (There's only so much one can do with a lot of hungry Felhunters and some hardcore counterspell-shields.) Jaina's roaring rampage of revenge was Garrosh-centric (everybody else just got ice-blocked or teleported to Stonard) and she beat the pants off him and let him live because she knows he has a fragile little ego and it'd be painful for him to live with being owned by a giiirrrllll wweh. XD

Anyway :B Have some Jaina being a badass fucking diplomat. BECAUSE SHE IS. Eat me, Blizzard.

This is one of the few times you'll see me acknowledge canon.


"Sunreaver, we need to talk. I know this wasn't...your...Sunreaver? Can you please take off your helm? It's driving me crazy. It has been since Northrend. So...please?"

"...I have hat hair."

"I won't laugh."

... )

Pro tip:

Mar. 27th, 2013 03:37 pm
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Dear fanfic authors,

If you've acknowledged that XYZ Fantasy Race is coded in a way that is just Orientalist as balls, but you STILL opt to characterize them in fanfic as just this side of Ming the Merciless/Dragon Lady/Discount Jafar, you have only done half the blasted homework and need to go back to the editing desk right now before I bite you a lot.

Smooch smooch,

Someone who's really tired of people depicting WoW elves in ways that are at the root just racist (yes, it still counts if 'Elves' = 'Generic Pop-culture Stereotype Asian/Middle Eastern lololololol'), gross and issue-laden as fuck.

I mean--writing a compelling love-to-hate antagonist who's well thought out and whose portrayal is NOT steeped in grody old bigotry? Awesome. Feel free to have Fandral be as big a douche as you like, it gives your heroes a reason to fight. But there is 'douche' and then there's 'oh for fuck's sakes why did you do that'. If your villain up and starts sprouting all these Fu Manchu/Dragon Lady/Evil Vizier-esque traits that are indicated fuck-nowhere in canon, there's something going on that needs addressing. That is not interpretation anymore, that is Issues.

Srsly don't do that shit it's hacky and makes my ass twitch. :D
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I keep wishing we’d got more information about the San’layn.

I mean, I love what we do get about Valanar and Keleseth. Just from their quest text alone, you learn:

-They’re brothers

-They care about each other a great deal

-They’re quite high-up on the chain of command (Kel is in charge of the whole of Howling Fjord—from Utgarde, as we learn later)

-They respect you and enjoy working with you (Kel greets you with ‘hail’, entrusts you with what appears to be his very favourite set of sharp pointy things, and is generally very amiable; Val PRACTICALLY SQUEES after you cannonpwn the Scarlets, gets all excited about the prospect pf Arthas being happy about this, and says he’ll make damn sure that the boss knows who was responsible for the explosions and chaos)

For a pair of guys on the evil side of the fence, they’re certainly a lot nicer to deal with than some of the player’s alleged allies!

more things! )
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Last night, I dreamed there were a bunch of baby phoenixes nesting in my sock drawer. They liked to eat peaches and cream-of-wheat with brown sugar. And they kept getting little bits of sparkly down all over the place.

They were extremely freaking cute. They weren’t orphaned or anything, just needed a babysitter whilst their mom was doing something important elsewhere.
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So we're having a warm spell (typical of March--though whether it'll stay warm is anyone's guess sdfgjkhsdf) and all the snowdrops and crocuses and jacinths and stuff are poking their little green pointy selves out of the ground! Some of the more daring trees are budding, too. Green is happening! ERMAGERD! ABRUPT AND UNEXPECTED VERDANCY!

(Also evidence of how few people in this neighbourhood clean up after their canines. The local park is very much studded with--yeah.)

The ubiquitous random-ass Toronto moss that pops up in pointless places never actually died, so it's still green, but it's always thus, so it doesn't count as ABRUPT AND UNEXPECTED VERDANCY.

Ah, yes. Snow is melting, cardinals are loud, blue jays are loud, sparrows are--still fat, pigeons still look stunned, and today I witnessed, at close range, a crow divebombing into a puddle for no reason except that he could and the little punkass splashed me on the way out.

It's March Break, so the high school across the road is quiet; they're re-doing the roof on it, ans thus every so often a mixture of miscellaneous wood, gravel, paper, junk, WTF, and assorted smithereens rains down out of the junk chute and into the dumpster below. I have no idea why this is as funny as it is. I blame my lack of sleep.

...Cardinals are really loud when they sing right outside a window, by the way. Usually they're just all up in the trees and bushes by my building, but this morning one of them decided he liked the acoustics of my balcony and sang at the top of his avian lungs for an hour around six.

Then at seven there was a sparrow fight.

Then at eight I had to get up, and there was still a sparrow fight...

They stopped when I opened the balcony door and sternfaced at them.


...I am so caffeinated right now. A medium coffee does THIS to me. XD But, really, I didn't have much other choice. It was this, or being mostly dead.

So hi. :D
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Whenever there's a long stretch where not many comments happen I'm like--

"Wait, shit, am I boring people? Am I nattering about something no one cares about? Am I annoying people with it? Did I piss someone off, or is someone talking shit about me and lying about me for no reason? Oh, shit, it's not that again, is it? It's been a few years since some flatulating demented mule called me a devilbitch and made me their scapegoat and straight-up lied about me wall to wall for their own gain, maybe it's that time again? Am I going to have to play damage control because some douche McNugget decided to start stirring the pot and attention-jockeying? Or--did I legitimately piss someone off by sticking my foot in my mouth hardcore again? ...Or is everyone just, like, busy? SAMHKYJGSHDmulkabdgshafjdzASCM,BK ballsack why can't there be some clue as to WTF is going on. Please say it's just that everyone is busy. @_@"

ADHD with comorbid anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies is great. :D


Anyway. No one needs to feel bad about not commenting I'm just. Yes. If I did something obnoxious let me know. XD
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Inspired by: "I NEED 25 MORE VALIANTS' MARKS BECAUSE I WANT THE FORSAKEN WARHORSES", by my dorkbutt DK, by Varian being VERY LOUD, by Kyl's sexy belfadin Rauthien and her adorable Draenei mage Zalandra, and by Kyl and her fantastic headcanon that i now share in :D
Warnings: Varian being grouchy and jerky about the Horde, though not as loathsome an ass as he is in game. He is, however, still being rather a closed-minded jerk.

I want to expand on this later hence no formal title block. :B


The Horde and Alliance champions filed into the ring one-by-one, and if not for this temporary armistice, the crystalline trees towering so far overhead that they were visible even now, and the bit of Dalaran's floating land-mass visible between the canopies, this could have been any ordinary tournament--much to Varian Wrynn's irritation.

Sooner or later the other shoe would drop. One or the other of those ne'er-do-wells under the red banner would show his or her true colours and then everything would go to pot. Varian scowled at the Horde;s champions, held his figurative ground when the pigtailed Orc woman met his gaze and grinned, then looked away hurriedly when the Blood Elven paladin next to her caught him staring. The man's level green gaze and quirked brow were a hell of a distraction.

When he glanced across the arena at the King of Silvermoon, that blasted Sunstrider gave him the self-same look. Then he SMILED, and Varian bit back a splutter and sulked.

"Louts, all of them," he mumbled, and sipped his tea. Even in the sheltered valley of Crystalsong, it was right some cold. "Louts to the bone."

Jaina gave him That Look. "Loutishness isn't limited to any particular race."

"Yes, well, THAT lot"--here Varian gestured at the Horde's champions--"is more inclined to be loutish." A pause. "Except maybe that paladin. He probably isn't a lout. But he could be a rake instead. He looks like a rake. So we have a rake and his pack of louts. And they're all of them together hooligans. Wonderful."

Jaina watched a Dwarven paladin--Ironforge's champion, a woman with brilliant red curls and a nut-brown complexion--cheerfully exchange rude gestures with the Orc woman. As these got more and more amiably crass (still with no violence pending), a Draenei woman nearby tried to intervene. She did her best to keep a straight face whilst she leaned down from her Elekk and scolded them for being ridiculous, but in the end didn't manage. As she started to giggle and that warm, softer sound mingled with the Orc woman's uproarious laughter, Jaina quirked an eyebrow at Varian.

"Well?" she said.

He pretended he hadn't heard her or seen any of that, tugged his warm cloak more fully around himself, hunched his shoulders, thanked the light for the umpty-umpth time that he'd brought a scarf, and grumbled into his mug.

"I didn't come here," he said, "to sit on my laurels and watch these hooligans thump one another--and my allies--about the head and shoulders with sticks."

Jaina didn't even bat an eyelash. "Drink your tea, Varian," she said.

Varian grumbled into his mug again and obeyed.
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TITLE: Arise, Maiden
FANDOM: World of Warcraft
PEOPLE: Agathe the Val'kyr, her sisters Daschla and Arturia, and their Queen.
PAIRING: Sylvanas/Agathe, sort of.
RATING: G because all Agathe does is heartmark XD
SUMMARY: The aftermath of Godfrey finding out the hard way that Sylvanas is extremely hard to kill (all of the bullets are nowhere near enough), and Agathe being terrified at how fragile her Queen suddenly seems to be...
WARNINGS: Minor spoilers-kinda-sorta for the Silverpine quest shenanigans.
NOTES: From Kyl's Great AU. I'm using more Scandinavian/oldschool-y spellings of the Val'kyr Sibling Trio's names, simply because I can.

First posted on Tumblr; expanded a bit here.

Dedicated to my dearest longcat Kyl. ♥


"Take care of Arturia," she said, and was prepared to die. She was happy to give of herself, of her soul, for her Lady. It was their place to give of themselves for their Master—or Mistress—and as the eldest of the three sisters, it was Agathe’s place to give all she had.

... )
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So I have to update my OS because Blizzard isn't supporting 10.6 for much longer.

...And yet...where are the updated models gfdi? If I have to faff around with OSX Varian's Up In Redridge (read: mountain lion :B) then you better at l;east give me some high-polygon lovin'.

As for the writing: ahahahahahAHAHAhaaha XD I continue to ignore the shit out of the story (some aspects of it have jumped from 'merely annoying' to 'this is hitting shitty buttons', especially with regard to characterization and the portrayal of relationships, but I can't really get into that otherwise I'll start ranting...) and just make up my own plot in my head. I do love Lor'themar's voice though (He's BALTHIER :D :D :D), and while I dislike the fucking "plot" such as it is, I like that he's getting some love.

Now if only the Draenei got some love too. :x christ, CDev.

I haven't done any of the Isle of the Thunderdrome stuff beyond talking to Lor yet, because Proudmoore is a high-pop server and thus the place is jammed. Thus, I am farming!

Speaking of: I love how that resolved. I was TERRIFIED that being able to own that farm would turn into colonialism r us, but it doesn't and I'm so happy.


Feb. 22nd, 2013 01:35 am
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Okay, just to clarify...

If an author pulls any of the following shit over and over and fucking over again, I am highly unlikely to like them or any of their work.

1) Gross dumbass gender bullshit--be it taming-the-ice-queen or lady-is-a-prize or vomitworthy essentialist crud or fucky double standards or punishing someone for ~not knowing their place~ etc.
2) Normalization of abusive behaviour/victim blaming--be it that 'boys will be boys' fuckery that basically insults everybody male ever, that 'oh but they're just STRESSED' backhand crap, passing off emotional manipulation as normal etc.
3) Dunderfuck anti-LGBTQ etc. bullshit, no matter what the fuck it is.
4) More-equal-than-others shit where it's okay for the hero to be a dickyacht just because s/he's the hero and therefore any sketchy shit s/he pulls is handwaved or excused.
5) Unexamined clueless shitbrained attempted parallels to real-life situations, without any examination of the hangups that can make this go horrifically wrong and/or make this get ragingly offensive.
6) Stereotypical fuckery relating to ethnicity and culture. This encompasses the 'this one person represents their entire culture teeheez' shit, model-minority issues, and often crosses over with the humans-are-white crap that is so very very tiresome.
7) Ableist shit. This encompasses just about anything you can think of lol--the PWD naturally being evil, evil albinos amg zamg, the idea that illness or disability is a just punishment for something (see also: the idea of ~generational curses~) or that a disability is an outward manifestation of inner badness, and the usual cackhanded treatment of mental illness and of issues relating to addiction.

No, I cannot ~*just look past this*~. The older I get, the more and more it leaps out at me. And? I was taught to hunt this kind of thing down in my own work (my advertising prof was very big on not repeating past grossness) and burninate it with vigour--repeatedly if necessary. I can't help but see it now. And to see it so often in the work of quote-unquote professionals, and see it go unexamined, and see it perpetuated by people...well, that gives me rabies XD

And now you know why I skim most WoW novels and refuse to use certain authors' characters and make up my own instead, and why a lot of mainstream popular media makes me want to bite things. ;p Whee!

And! Yes! I know everyone has ingrained issues and such, because Society Is Deeply Hosey And Issueladen and we all pick up nonsense without realizing it much like socks picking up lint. The key here is whether or not you're onto yourself and examining why you did XYZ Thing. I screw up a lot, I am no paragon, but I do take the time to consider what the heck I am doing and why. The authors I get annoyed with very obviously skip this step and think everything is just hunky-dory wall-to-wall and it's ~just~ a book or a comic or something.

Well. I do not agree with that assessment. Intent isn't magical, if you elbow someone by accident it still hurts etc. Summing up--I'm gonna quote my prof here: it's rare that a piece of media is 'just' a piece of media. Everything comes from somewhere.
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Thanks to my amazing girlfriend's tutelage and patience with my "OMG A SHINY THING *wanders off vaguely southeast*" tendencies, I can now say that, playing my wee Sin'dorei protadin Isythalar, I have at-appropriate-level:

1) Soloed Knucklerot and Luzran
3) Soloed 3/4 of the Durnholde Challenge, only dying on the CREEPY LOOKING OMFG WHAT fire elemental boss because his flame rush kekekekeke lagged me out something fierce and by the time I stopped getting 5fps, Izzy was deceased and threatening to haunt the shit out of everything in Hillsbrad. GodDAMN those bosses have some laggy-ass AoEs. The earth elemental's "SUDDENLY STALAGMITES ZILLIONS OF THEM" was really bad for my framerate too. Blizzard my computer is not that old, wtf r u doin

Anyway I know this is small fries for a lot of people out there--but heck, for me it's a first. ^^ I am happy, and my girlfriend's amazing.
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So if you've played through or read up on the revamped Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance dungeon quests, you'll know that Lilian has something to do with both. The events of the Scholo one made me blink a lot.

I'll spoiler-cut just in case, and also declare that I do not take this as part of my own AU brain-canon. AU Lilian has joined the Forsaken (who are not generically evil FFS) and is sort of unofficially apprenticed to Nathanos and Koltira, who consider her one of the precious few sensible people they've met.

Anyhow. Spoiler cut now!

Ellipsis goes here! )
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Just got back from quarterly checkup of doomy doom.

My lungs? Are doing good! Could be better, but I plan to get out jogging and remedy that!
My weight? Is up, finally! Yay!
My brain? Is--well--dealing with the anniversary of Grandma M's passing on a few years back, but otherwise it's okay.

I am still a little wheeeeoooooo from the glucose tolerance test. Basically, that entails

1) Fast for eight hours
2) Get blood sample drawn
3) Drink scientifically-formulated !Tang
4) Wait exactly two hours
5) Get second blood sample drawn so they can see how your body processed the sugar and make sure diabetes isn't lurking.

The unofficial 6) is Be loopy for the remainder of the day and have noun failures. XD

Overall, I'm glad. I always stress out over these things and they always turn out all right.

So yeah. hi. ^^
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So tonight I finished up leveling my noobie Draenei pally Jayalaksmi through Azuremyst and Bloodmyst and Wyrmscar and that island with all the orange and pink naga on it! And--

--Yeah, this and Silvermoon are definitely my favourite levelling zones. Even when it's obvious they crowbar'd the class quests out, even though a lot of the trickier quests have been made less so by the de-leetification of some NPCs (Matis the Drama Llama comes to mind--Knucklerot and Luzran are still elites, but Mattyboy is not). They're lovely, lovely zones, and they have some very solid storytelling (excluding the HUEHAHAEHUEUEAHUHAHUHEUAHUE KAEL CREZZEH NAO bullshit, which was never explained or written competently--honestly, I went through these zones keeping my girlfriend's AU in mind, and everything makes so damned much more sense that way), the quest rewards are nice, there's no phasing glitches to worry about...mmmmyeah.

Oh, and there's much less demented timeline whiplash. Yes, I know that stagnation means death, etc., and that the old world HAD to change...but I still think Cataclysm made some shockingly poor choices. Pandaria is better in some respects, but in others it makes the same mistakes as Cata only more so.


The 'Myst isles also lack the NPC whiplash you can get around Silvermoon that I've seen. Clicking on Lor'themar after doing the one quest wherein you do Dead Scar Soil Analysis and the quest giver says "Eff this we need to get to Outland tout suite kthxbai"? Yeah, THAT'S FUN. And the NPCs in the Blood Knights' hall still natter on about M'uru...

...But I digress!

I had a hell of a lot of fun levelling Jayalaksmi from 1-21. It's really neat to have a character sort of come into their own in your mind theatre as you go along.

This incidentally is what led to me rolling her shaman girlfriend Darzana, whom I also plan to level. That is--in between levelling Aerionn to 90 and trying to get the recoloured bronze-and-silver Valor set for Ishan. Look mom I'm transmog-happy.

In closing, Draenei are adorable, and Kessel having named his Elekk Archimindy will never stop being awesome.
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So I was taking Aerionn the b'elfy holy/protadin punklet through the beginning Pandaria quests last night, and the following occurred to me:

As much as I love the Hozen and I seriously want to hug all of them, I kind of wish they were more developed. I also kind of wish they were more like the original Monkey King. Like Sun Wukong. Not with the UBERHAXX necessarily, but the general attitude and cleverness and most of all identity. The Hozen have some solid foundations, but their cultural identity and their culture fullstop isn't fleshed out as much as it could be.

The little bits and pieces that we get about their culture are neat--how and when and why you get a double name, their hilarious poetry, their linguistic quirks...yeah there's some deeply, DEEPLY facepalm-worthy gaffes and stereotypes to be found, but homework WAS done. It doesn't quite make up for the *GROAN* moments completely, but it's there?

And that just makes me want MORE dammit. XD I'm not sure how much development the Jinyu got, as I am FAR AND AWAY NOWHERE NEAR PANDARIA with my Allyside characters (the highest-level one is Eveynna, Stormwinder-Theramoran pally extraordinaire and queen of the epic !Newfie accent, at 30), but yeah. I do wish we'd gotten more. Compared to the amount of work done with the Pandaren, it's like an Ensure pudding cup next to creme brulee.

I know that not everything can be put into a game, and that Pandaria is light-years better than Cata with regard to the completeness of questlines (even if a lot of the storytelling is still execrable...the stuff dealing with the Pandaren and Jinyu and Hozen and Mogu and Co. alone is fantastic but the second practically any named mainstream NPC besides Anduin gets into things, everything spirals rapidly down the flush-hole), but...yeah. When you put one up against the other you get wistful. (Well...you do if you're me. :B)

I'm probably going to end up fiddling around and expanding upon a lot when I get to writing about Pandaria. Because well that is what I do. If something feels too spare and I'm still hungry I make more snack food.

And also it will feature AU!Garrosh not being made of fail, and a distinct lack of stupidness with legacy characters. :D
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so the weather is still all over the place and I may or may not be coming down with a sinus cold. my sinuses can't quite make up their minds about that.

argh. just when we get a nice amount of snow on the ground the thaw comes back and i'm getting seriously hacked off about this, haha.

i miss skating. there's this amazing arena about half an hour or so north of mom and dad's place, and it's been open for years and years and it's amazing.


but i can't skate if i can't balance so yeah XD cold, go away!
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...That Balnazzar is the laziest Dreadlord in the universe.



Yeah I know he's supposed to be readying for some big attack, and his Risen (who probably still call him "Saidan Dathrohan" and drive him insane with such) are supposed to be a bigger threat than the Scourge because Balnazzar won't hold back etc. (even though they're squishy as BALLS...)

But--then you go into Strat and they're holed up in their bastion and guarding the front doors with a barricade and...uh...I think Balnazzar is less concerned with making a big army than he is concerned with having an army that can fend off things that may potentially come and eat him, i.e. he's pulling an Illidan move but he's being a far bigger doucheyacht about it and also not doing a very successful job.

Either that or my initial assumption is the truth--that is, he's just really lazy. Strat is a good place for a lazy Dreadlord. It's nice and flamey so it'd remind him of home, and there's lots of wandering ectoplasmic stuff to snack on...he has minions, he's got a nice swanky throne room...

Yeah. Balnazzar is not making an army and planning an attack. He's either keeping other Dreadlords off his lawn, or he's being a couch potato. XD
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-go to tanaris

-enter caverns of time

-enter old strat

-say hi to chromie!

-hug hearthsinger forresten! and everybody in that inn! (pamela ;n;)

-locate crates for chromie!

-ride off into the mist as far as possible, laughing maniacally, until you hit the invisiwall!

-futz around doing this for a good twenty minutes, still laughing maniacally

-get bored with the eerie pink minty-fresh chronological mist o’ doom and head for strat proper…

-…while looking in every house…

-…and making up a song about eerie pink minty-fresh chronological aerosol pepto-bismol!

-jump into moat and swim to see if one can swim under the invisiwall (nope, denied)

-hug chromie and turn in quest and start RP event!

-hug jaina and uther

-click on jaina a lot and sigh when she has only two clicky lines and uther has none

-hug arthas, then follow arthas

-click on arthas, sigh over his VA not being as good as the WC3 fellow, click on arthas again anyway

-click on arthas repeatedly

-click on arthas repeatedly

-click on arthas repeatedly


-realize arthas is a total leeroy intent on pulling everything under the sun ever, sigh, and allow self to be taken out by zombie scrummage

(WoW is not as much fun without my gorgeous girlfriend afoot XD I can still amuse myself (because I have ADHD and we’re like that), but…THEN I DO STUFF LIKE THIS XD Arthas is going to bink me to death with his smackin’ hammer.)
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This came out of (a) me contemplating how different tea cultures of Azeroth would have developed (i'm going to write about that too eventually) and (b) someone asking me if the tiling patterns/geometric screeny things in Dalaran looked Ottoman to me too.

My answer: yes it does--and incidentally, this is one reason why the High Elves and Blood Elves are not universally as pallid as--well--ME when I'm drawing or writing them. (Again, the credit for my getting into thinking of this at ALL goes to my amazing girlfriend and her patience and insight and badassitude XD)

Seriously, none of their architecture is fully European in origin. Silvermoon City is not ttly zomg Euro-looking in the least, and neither is Dalaran.

(Hold on tight, guys--I'm about to hardcore art nerd all over the place.)

The primary influences seem to be Byzantine and Mughal architecture (and the somewhat-wacky Victorian British take on these), as well as the Art Nouveau movement which was itself inspired in part by Japanese and Mughal and Arabic architecture and art.

yukie: getting nerd all over journals since 2001~ )

Anyway. All this is what informs a lot of my depiction of Blood Elven and High Elven culture. It's also why not all of my Blood Elven or High Elven OCs are especially pallid. XD Kristios and Kleidion are the palest, about the same hue as me; Ishandarr is medium-olive-complected with freckles, Aerionn, Serhan and Isythalar are medium brown, and Lytaea is a darker copper. And Mireillie is bluish, but she's kind of also undead circa the Zerging of Lordaeron so there's that XD



there is my rationale, nerding, jargon, and DAFUQ WAS DAT XD


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