Mar. 5th, 2013

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So I have to update my OS because Blizzard isn't supporting 10.6 for much longer.

...And yet...where are the updated models gfdi? If I have to faff around with OSX Varian's Up In Redridge (read: mountain lion :B) then you better at l;east give me some high-polygon lovin'.

As for the writing: ahahahahahAHAHAhaaha XD I continue to ignore the shit out of the story (some aspects of it have jumped from 'merely annoying' to 'this is hitting shitty buttons', especially with regard to characterization and the portrayal of relationships, but I can't really get into that otherwise I'll start ranting...) and just make up my own plot in my head. I do love Lor'themar's voice though (He's BALTHIER :D :D :D), and while I dislike the fucking "plot" such as it is, I like that he's getting some love.

Now if only the Draenei got some love too. :x christ, CDev.

I haven't done any of the Isle of the Thunderdrome stuff beyond talking to Lor yet, because Proudmoore is a high-pop server and thus the place is jammed. Thus, I am farming!

Speaking of: I love how that resolved. I was TERRIFIED that being able to own that farm would turn into colonialism r us, but it doesn't and I'm so happy.
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TITLE: Arise, Maiden
FANDOM: World of Warcraft
PEOPLE: Agathe the Val'kyr, her sisters Daschla and Arturia, and their Queen.
PAIRING: Sylvanas/Agathe, sort of.
RATING: G because all Agathe does is heartmark XD
SUMMARY: The aftermath of Godfrey finding out the hard way that Sylvanas is extremely hard to kill (all of the bullets are nowhere near enough), and Agathe being terrified at how fragile her Queen suddenly seems to be...
WARNINGS: Minor spoilers-kinda-sorta for the Silverpine quest shenanigans.
NOTES: From Kyl's Great AU. I'm using more Scandinavian/oldschool-y spellings of the Val'kyr Sibling Trio's names, simply because I can.

First posted on Tumblr; expanded a bit here.

Dedicated to my dearest longcat Kyl. ♥


"Take care of Arturia," she said, and was prepared to die. She was happy to give of herself, of her soul, for her Lady. It was their place to give of themselves for their Master—or Mistress—and as the eldest of the three sisters, it was Agathe’s place to give all she had.

... )


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