Feb. 12th, 2013

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Just got back from quarterly checkup of doomy doom.

My lungs? Are doing good! Could be better, but I plan to get out jogging and remedy that!
My weight? Is up, finally! Yay!
My brain? Is--well--dealing with the anniversary of Grandma M's passing on a few years back, but otherwise it's okay.

I am still a little wheeeeoooooo from the glucose tolerance test. Basically, that entails

1) Fast for eight hours
2) Get blood sample drawn
3) Drink scientifically-formulated !Tang
4) Wait exactly two hours
5) Get second blood sample drawn so they can see how your body processed the sugar and make sure diabetes isn't lurking.

The unofficial 6) is Be loopy for the remainder of the day and have noun failures. XD

Overall, I'm glad. I always stress out over these things and they always turn out all right.

So yeah. hi. ^^
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So if you've played through or read up on the revamped Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance dungeon quests, you'll know that Lilian has something to do with both. The events of the Scholo one made me blink a lot.

I'll spoiler-cut just in case, and also declare that I do not take this as part of my own AU brain-canon. AU Lilian has joined the Forsaken (who are not generically evil FFS) and is sort of unofficially apprenticed to Nathanos and Koltira, who consider her one of the precious few sensible people they've met.

Anyhow. Spoiler cut now!

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