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(I wrote these last night on tumblr in a fit of blargh and am reproducing 'em here because why not XD Also I am kind of ridiculously proud of the Plotty Illidan Smiley that appears within the rant, to wit-- }:D)


it’s a habit of mine to refuse to acknowledge or work with bullshitty issueladen racist/sexist/homophobic/fucktastic/bigoted/ignorant crap within any given body of canon, unless I am dealing with it specifically as a problem…

…rather than, say, flat out authorial pig-ignorance or edgy-bro fuckwittedness thrown in to be grimdarque without any intent to see any part of it through.

so, yeah, i am going to ignore OOC demolishment and assassination of characters i like by hackish shit-for-brains types. this goes for characters i think are assholes as much as the ones i like. trust me, i am just as spitting mad over knaak’s shitty treatment of maiev as i am with golden’s shitty treatment of kael. and i really do not like maiev as a person because i lived in the same house as someone like that and it sucked. BUT i will defend her against fucking bullshit!

so yeah, while i would never want her in my house, i understand her angry flailing at illidan, because GG DUDE BRINGING BACK THE FORCE THAT LED TO THE WORLD ESPLOD!? regardless of who did what to whom and when, given what she witnessed personally in re: illidan and that lake, she does have a right to think he is dangerously out of his gourd.

(he’s not, of course; illidan’s primary motivation is that he wants people to love him, and he personifies the old saw about the pavement on the road to hell. illidan makes good ends decisions and REALLY BAD MEANS DECISIONS! case in point: “i’ll get rid of the lich king. BY ESPLODING THE POLAR ICE CAP }:D”)

i’m capable of addressing isolated cases and attitudes as much as i am capable of analyzing behaviour patterns overall, and relationships overall, and i will do one or the other or both as a situation calls for it. fuck, i could probably write essays about how maiev and illidan interact and react to one another and possible reasons why.

this is why i tell people to fuck off who blame jaina for strat. dude, she just watched her best friend/onetime romantic partner utterly lose it little by little a day at a time. and there are political reasons why she didn’t just iceblock his ass. so? shutteth thou the fuck up. ♥

tl;dr i really hate pointless fucking derails by talentless ultrahacks. i will write what i want when i want, and anyone who tries to what-if/gotcha me is wasting their fucking time because as far as i’m concerned, the bullshit that they’re waving around didn’t happen.

not in my fucking world. not in the headcanon my girlfriend trusted me to play within too, ands that we now share (i love you, princess :D). i reject your reality and substitute my own, doofii. so there.


i got that disclaimer of longness out of the way so


look, i really don’t give a fuck whether or not you like grand magister rommath as a character.

the dude has every right to cut the kirin tor a massive, massive side-eye. that is about the only fucking thing in the travesty of the game’s current storyline that makes a speck of sense, actually.

i will take it as an isolated case, here, because so goddamn many people desperately want to get into pissygoddamn genital fights over who done what to whom and what counts as mainline canon et cetera et cetera. and i don't care? and nothing will make me fucking care? because i refuse to acknowledge OOC bullshit? and i am dealing with rommath's crabbiness as an isolated case, as i have said repeatedly before, so i fully expect it to have sunk the hell in by now? :D :D :D

so YEAH as i SAID i’m ignoring all the out-of-character contrived thinly veiled racism and misogynist fuckery and edgy white-broski hackishness, and addressing one thing, and one thing only: JUST rommath’s mistrust of the kirin tor—which he doubtless had going on throughout wrath, and throughout BC as well. this opinion of his isn’t NEW, kiddlywinks.

why doesn’t he trust them as far as he can sling a piano? rommath’s bio describes him as having returned from outland to improve the morale of the b’elves in quel’thalas. (a lot of people piss and moan about the manner in which he does this and say it’s a sign that he’s a bad person zamg with no ethics whinewhinewhiiiine, but then ignore other characters doing similar things, hmmm hmmm hmmm your orientalism is showing. sit down.)

meaning, rommath went with kael to outland.

meaning, he was stuck in the violet hold with kael and co.

meaning, he saw what was left of the kirin tor doing not much of anything to help his people.

get the picture, mac?

now, whether or not you accept/acknowledge/like/whatever kael being a member of the council of six (which is really rather funny, i’ll give that), he WAS a member of the kirin tor. this is a smart political move, and makes sense given that it was the high elves what taught the humans magic in the first place.

(bee tee doubleyew, i’ll also be ignoring anybody who brings up golden’s racist and homophobic little retcons about kael in her execrable arthas novel. teehee!)

so rommath sees a bunch of people throwing their colleague to the wolves because some fuckass is yammering on about naga, and they’re not saying boo in kael’s defense…

maybe they had a reason for this! i don’t care! :D because whatever their reasons were for their inaction they clearly didn’t say boo to rommath or kael, so rommath has every right to be angry and every right to assume they had their thumbs up their asses. all he saw was a fuckload of inaction and a total absence of anybody defending kael—someone who was A PEER AND COLLEAGUE—or telling our aforementioned fuckass garithos to step off/asking if he was goddamn drunk because lol naga rly they hate everyone why would they help a land-dwelling biped.

maybe they did and he didn’t; i don’t fucking know. and neither could rommath. because he was kind of in jail, and kind of put there by a bunch of genocidal racists.

(needless to say i will straight up eat anyone who defends garithos/tries to handwave his actions as being detheroc's fault...but yet whines and pees their undies in rage over rommath's politicking. one of these things is not like the other~)

so get the hell out with your whininess about his side-eye s’il te plait? regardless of what “kind of a person” he is, he is allowed to not trust people whom he witnessed doing jack-squat to help him and his people when they needed it.

oh, and keep your nasty fucking fu-manchu/ming the merciless orientalist bullshit off of rommath too. just because the blood elves are coded as some form of ~asian~/arabian nights doesn't mean you have a free pass to leap on and vilify the member of the silvermoon trio WHO HAPPENS TO LOOK THE MOST ASIAN.

look, i realize that his characterization is very sparse and that a lot of just who rommath IS will be headcanonical. but still, that doesn't mean you just ~get to~ have fanon that is out-and-out bigoted, mmmmkaaaay? feel free to think he's an ass and write him as such, but fucking well do so without getting goddamn yellow-peril bullshit all over the place.

the same goes for illidan. you don't have to like him, but if you make him into a racist caricature, i will eat you.

and the same ALSO goes for you assholes who decide that the best way to show that liadrin is evil is to make her a psychotic lesbian. ditto maiev. die in a hole with qiraji and a shamwow pl0x.


tl;dr write like a goddamn grownup.

k done now.
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