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I really dislike Kalec.

Just about everyone I know who says he’s cute has p. obviously never had to play Tyri’s role and babbysit all the time and put up with having to be 24/7/365 emotional support whilst your buddy is an airhead and continues to be an airhead. (I have had to do this. It is not fun. It makes you stop liking people in a tearing hurry after they fall down the same hole for the 23783467th time after you warn them about it. You may love therm, but they suck up your energy and burn out your patience and you will make yourself sick trying to save them from their own density.)

Like, okay, who is the only dragon who dissolved his flight and therefore screwed up a network of emotional support that the blues would desperately need given the Malygos business and Arygos being a little turd right after?

As for people calling Tyri a bitch, uh, hello, no? Also, kiss my ass. She’s crabby and impatient and has a right to be. No, she;s not blameless or perfect, but she has every goddamned right to be impatient with Kalec because he's an airhead.

Basically she is faced with a primary partner in a poly relationship (DRAGONS ARE POLY DRAGONS ARE POLY DRAGONS ARE FUCKING POLY I don’t care how much of Golden and Knaak’s heteronormative sexist dumbshit koolaid you swill, Alexstrasza has had many partners whom she loves, dragons are polyamorous, screw your puritanical squalling!) who runs around without realizing he is, is kinda emotionally manipulative, needs to be babbysat, and actually treats her pretty poorly even though he seems ~nice~? Yeah, she’s kind of snarky toward Aveena, which is meh, but mostly she seems fed up with Kalec failing@poly and not realizing that communication is the cornerstone of relationships.

And then there’s the fact that Arcanist Vandril has been waiting for a courier for HOW LONG NOW and the courier never comes lol lol?

And the fact that duder ran headlong into things at Sunwell Plateau and caused the death of family while he was at it?

Yes, I do hold him responsible for what happened to Madrygosa, because he’s responsible for much of what happens to Tyri, too. Some of it is her being a doofus, but a lot of it is her getting pwned and punished because he was dithering around like a nincompoop and she had to save him and ~she wasn't appropriately gracious about saving someone who should know better from himself~ oh noooooo.

I’m not pulling this out of thin friggin’ air, he’s a ditzwad all through the Sunwell Trilogy. He don’t think shit through, and he puts people at risk because of it. And when Tyri gets frustrated about this or loses her temper, she gets really disproportionately slapped around by the narrative. It is sexist as hell, guys. The instant she is anything but a proper female she gets leered at by Scourge douchehounds or accosted by a felhound thatfor no reason has tentacles or--seriously, fuck that noise altogether, and anyone who's drinking the OH BUT SHE'S JUST A BIZZATCH-flavoured generic drink crystals needs to stop it now.

So yeah, forgive me if I’m not enthused about this business with he and Jaina, because oh look ~another blonde girl he needs to save~ after he’s proven he cannot be responsible worth a damn. (And where was he throughout the OOC portal bullshit? Huhmmmm.)

If Kalec was a woman there would be zero people making excuses for him and stanning for him. XP

Sure, you're free to read the guy how you want, but if you can't get your brain around the fact that Tyri's "bitchiness" is extremely informed and her depiction/the treatment of her is sexist as shit, go the fuck back to school before addressing me on this issue. And don't bother telling me I'm interrogating things from the wrong perspective. I actually had to babbysit a Kalec-type for several years and almost had a breakdown for it, so yeah, excuse me if I'm not hyperenthused at the idea of immaturity, irresponsibility and lousy communication within relationships being glorified.

Fanon-Kalec is fine; I know many people who write him as he is "supposed to be"--young idealistic friendly sometimes-shounen-doofusy dragondork. That's fine! Canon-Kalec, on the other hand, is not. He is a terrible partner, a poor leader, people get hurt because he's irresponsible and impulsive, and he's basically an albatross around everyone's neck. Tyri should have been the aspect.

So yeah, hopefully this "justifies" everything to the person who whimpered at me over this. ;3


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